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Why Switch To Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Forget about sunbathing or using tan beds to tint and glow your skin because today there are safe products that you can use to create that dark and bronzing look on your skin. UV free tans and bronzers are offering safer and faster way of glowing your skin. With Sun Laboratories Tan overnight self tanning lotion, you can achieve that gorgeous look without risking the body from damages caused by UV light.

The sunless tans are safe and when properly applied, they will give the skin that tinting look with fewer side effects. However, you need to get every process of application correct because you could easily mess up with the products and attain uneven distribution of tans. Proper preparation of skin is needed before you put anything on that skin.

People have different types of skin, which react differently to certain substances. While some may respond well to self tanner lotions, others may experience some irritation from the ingredients used in manufacturing the products. This is why it is recommended that you do a patch test to determine if the skin will react.

You may not get even distribution of tans if you do not clean the areas properly. This will lead to unsightly spots and marks on skin. A tanner will most likely settle in large amounts within the creases making your skin turn too dark or orangey. With exfoliation, it removes the debris and oils and makes folded skin to be easy to adhere to lotions.

Your face is likely to absorb the product faster and deeply than other skin parts. If you are using one type of product, then consider apply one coat on face against two coats on other parts of skin so that you do not end up with a face that is too dark. Putting too much of tans on face will make you look weird. In addition, you can always use some bronzers or some other little make up on face.

Preparing the skin before you put that lotion is essential. There are a number of things you will need to consider when you prepare skin for tans application. First, you will need to remove any hair that is within the areas you want to glow. The hair on the chest, legs, oxter, and around the face may need to be shaved. Waxing is also recommended before applying your lotions.

However, timing is very crucial when you want to shave. Applying sunless tans immediately after shaving will result to discomforts. Your skin is sensitive immediately you shave it, and you need to ensure that shaving is done at least one day prior to the application. This ensures that the sensitivity subsides and the lotions do not cause sensitivity when spreading them. Another thing you would want to do is ensure you shower and exfoliate skin.

If you are not comfortable in applying the tanning products, it is better to seek help. You may even consider going to the salon artists who are trained on how to apply these products. This will prevent you from messing up with your delicate skin and obtaining ugly marks and spots on skin due to heavy tinting.

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