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Popularity Of Bharata Natyam Across Different Cultures

By Mattie Knight

If there are things that have survived the test of time, dancing is definitely among those on top of the list. Aside from its beauty, its also something that is practiced all over the world, with each nation having their own variation. Amidst all the changes and cultural differences, dance is something that managed to seep through the confines of different traditions.

If you search online, you will find out that there are different kinds of dances from different nations. One country may even sport a long list of what they call traditional dancing. Bharata Natyam Los Angeles is a good example of an old type that is now continually performed by select people.

This dance has its origin from India and is classified as a form of fire dancing. In Indian culture, elements are sacred and are adored by people. Such is the reason why certain types of dances are created as means of tribute to these elements. Bharata Natyam represents fire. To add emphasis, the movements that are associated with this resembles that of fire.

Its a solo dance and is presented with the idea of portraying different personalities while on stage. This means that one person needs to show multiple personalities in one continuous dance. A narrative comes with it, so the viewers could identify whether or not the artist already changed personality.

On its religious symbolism, this dance is said to portray the ancient idea that says something about the eternal universe where the world revolves. It also shows appreciation to the beauty of the human body. Its elaborate movements are real beauty to behold.

In its traditional roots, you cannot just perform this without wearing something fancy. The clothing are packed with ornaments and colors that are sure to captivate the eyes of the viewers. To experts, this is one reason why its mostly females who are tasked to perform. They are said to portray love and beauty better than men do.

Its true that its popularity has declined in the past. This could perhaps be attributed to the culture change and awakening that was experienced on the country. But just like any other practices, somehow, it has managed to return its beauty and is not becoming popular again even to modern men.

If you ask around, you might even encounter some centers that offer lessons for this. Those who are interested to join can simply enroll. With the internet sweeping everyone off in speed, we see a number of people showing interest on this. Its your job to choose where to enroll should you decide to be in one program.

Now that information can be readily available, there should be no reason why you cannot get details on the study as well. You also have the choice to directly ask people who are within your locality and have tried studying the craft. The online arena is packed of good reviews as well that will help you make a good decision. Ask around and assess your own interest on the craft. Why would you want to learn it. Will it be purely for recreation or are you considering to teach others about it as well. Needless to say, find a training center with a good reputation.

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