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Sun Labs Tan Golden Bronze Nuances

By Haywood Hunter

Sun Laboratories offers some of the best self tanners you can find. Sun Labs tan products all contain DHA. This sugar-based compound is the most important ingredient in all sunless tanning products, and it is FDA approved and perfectly safe to use. It reacts with amino acids in the most outer skin layer, creating golden or bronze nuances. Other high quality ingredients in Sun Labs tan products are there to make sure your skin will look perfectly tanned.

Sun Labs tan products include different lotions, gels, foams and creams. Available in several lovely shades, they all provide authentic hues, in different intensities, depending on your desires. You will also find high quality moisturizers, color enhancers, bronzers and exfoliating gels, just about everything you might need for achieving and maintaining a perfect summer look.

Sun Labs tan products include several highly popular product lines. For example, Dark Sunsation line is lately especially popular, mainly because it provides deep and intensive dark shades you simply cannot achieve using other brands. Like all other Sun Labs tan lotions, this one can also be used in tanning booths, in professional salons, as well as for an airbrush gun. You can also apply them in your own bathroom.

If you don't have time to lose right now, you can get tanned instantly using the incredible Instant Mousse. Light and easy to use, this mousse will make you bronze in no time at all, and you are ready to go. Nevertheless, you can easily wash it off. Sun Labs Tan products based on DHA mostly need about three hours to achieve their final shade. Once the color is set, it will last for a week, if you maintain it properly.

Sun Labs Tan Indoor Tanning Overnight set contains highly effective body gel. It is perfect for exfoliating your skin before applying your favorite self tanning lotion. Although this gel is very gentle to the skin, it will cleanse it perfectly, making it smooth and soft. This set also contains a great moisturizer. Good moisturizing is essential part of daily maintenance. It hydrates the skin and protects the color.

Different Airbrush Tanning systems are affordable and practical. They contain all necessities, as well as one very handy spray applicator. This applicator will make things even easier. You won't have to worry about staining your palms. The application is extremely easy and it takes only a few moments. You will be more than satisfied with your professional results if you apply your Sun Labs Tan lotion using this spray applicator.

Sun Labs tan micro mist sprayer is even more efficient. This handy little sprayer creates a light mist that will cover all surfaces just perfectly. Small particles of your ultra dark lotion will reach all hard to reach areas, and your skin will be perfectly covered. This little sprayer is something you should keep in your bag.

Sun Labs Dark Sunsation line is highly appreciated among all Sun Labs tan users. It creates attractive, dark bronze shades that will certainly make you irresistible and enhance your natural beauty in the most amazing way. Sunless Dark Sunsation set includes a spray applicator as well, and it will make sure your skin is flawless and smooth.

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