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Dental Tips From A Dentist In Olympic Village Vancouver On Maintaining Your Dentures

By Mattie Knight

Dentures are false or prosthetic teeth that are made to replace the missing natural teeth. They are made in such a way that they get their support from the soft tissues of the mouth. Normal dentures are removable. There are different types of dentures available. A competent dentist in Olympic Village Vancouver helps the patient get the dentures that are most appropriate for their mouth. Generally, the practices that are used to care for your prosthetic teeth are the same regardless of the types of dentures that you have on. Here are six of the most helpful tips when it comes to taking care of dentures.

To begin with, prosthetic teeth should be cleaned on a regular basis and, of course, using the right denture cleaner. Do not use cleaning products like toothpaste, household cleansers and bleaches on your dentures as they can damage them. Hand soap is quite mild, and it works very well for cleaning false teeth. For a better job, use ultrasonic cleaners; they use sound waves to penetrate into cavities and crevices to remove debris from dentures.

Unless you are a professional denturist, never attempt realigning or repairing dentures on your own. You might end up bending metallic clasps wrongly and thus weakening your dentures. Whether you have DIY alignment kits or not, you still need the help of a professional denturist when it comes to repairing false teeth.

Take good care for your dentures when not wearing them. When dentures are not being worn, they need to be kept moist so that they do not dry up and lose their shape. If you do not have the appropriate cleanser soaking solution, you can use water. However, if the dentures have metallic parts, the cleaning solution will tarnish them. Your denturist or dentist should be able to recommend the best way to store the dentures when they are not being worn.

Handle your prosthetic teeth with a lot of care. For instance, avoid leaving dentures in places where they are likely to be hit by objects and lose shape. Also, keep your dentures in a safe and disinfected place where they will not likely collect contaminants. This will keep oral infections at bay.

There are times when the dentures stop fitting. This can be the result of dropping them, leaving them dry, and poor alignment procedures. You are advised never to try and use dentures that have stopped fitting as this could seriously hurt your gums and mouth tissue. As soon as you start feeling pain when fixing your dentures, you should contact a denturist and have the problem fixed.

Remove your dentures before going to bed. Removing dentures from your mouth overnight gives the mouth tissues time to recover. If you do not have to remove them at night, dentists recommend that you remove them for about 6 to 8 hours during the day. Dentures with metal clasps should be soaked in warm water or a water-vinegar solution immediately they are removed to get rid of bacteria, tartar, plaque and stains.

The above maintenance tips will help you keep your dentures in good condition for six to seven years without incurring replacement or repair expenses. Always consult a professional denturist whenever you want to acquire prosthetic teeth to help you choose the right type and size. He will evaluate your overall heath condition before deciding which denture type is best for you.

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