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Transformed Image At Hollywood Tans

By Haywood Hunter

Tanning the skin by basking in the sun is dangerous because of exposure to harmful rays. The sun is not always out or as effective as you would like. Hollywood Tans is a salon franchise that offers incredible services to clients in different cities. It is designed to offer luxury and comfort at an affordable price. They have packages to meet the expectations of any client.

The tanning environment feels luxurious and comfortable immediately you enter. The salons are spacious with excellent customer care and a rewarding experience. There is a trademark package called standup tanning that offers comfort and easier access to all parts of the body. The hygienic standards are high with very close attention to details.

The franchise has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and accessories to guarantee the best results. They include high quality and professionally designed beds as well as standup booths. These equipment will ensure that the body is fully covered. They are comfortable and give the right position during the tanning process. The environment is clean and hygienic and can only be compared to a top notch hospital.

The staff are highly trained and qualified to offer the best services in the industry. They understand the precision that guides customers seeking tanning and will deliver it with precision. They are experienced in handling different products, skin types and delivering according to customer expectations.

The experience is exciting to every visitor entering the salon. The few minutes spent there are rewarding and memorable. It is the reason most of them return. The environment is free of stress and very relaxing. Customer service is at its best regardless of class or the type of service required.

Professionally manufactured tanning beds provide comfort and adequate space to facilitate the best service. They are supplied by reliable manufacturers who understand the needs of the industry. They guarantee quality, comfort and an executive feel. Standardized services within the franchise serve the interests of constant travelers since they can get same high quality services in any store. The assurance helps in maintain the nature and level of attention.

The products used are carefully selected and high quality. The use of VersaPro, for example, gives a warm and dry experience. This means comfort and sensational feel as opposed to the cold and chilling creams and lotions.

The skin type dictates the product to be used. This makes the experience free of such risks as allergic reactions. The tan achieved in each case is precise and not based on trial and error. The desires of each patron are met with precision. The choice of any product guarantees the expected tan. There are options for medium, dark and very dark tans for all skin types.

The salon admits patrons as they come instead of booking appointments. The equipment, materials and accessories are always ready for customers walking in. This allows a client to just walk in and leave with her favorite tan within minutes. The tanning is completed within minutes allowing you to resume normal chores.

The prices for tanning are reasonable and guarantee excellent value for money. You also enjoy convenient payment options including use of credit cards and online transfers. The availability of high performance bulbs makes it possible to achieve great results within the shortest time. The vertical booths offer the safest and most hygienic option.

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