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Easy Tips On How To Self Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Beauty is a process that requires patience and time in order to achieve full results. Tanning is one of these beauty processes, now the question one should ask themselves is, in order to get that perfect glow what are the processes, how to self tan ? Well to answer this there are steps that need to be followed religiously and the guidelines are as follows.

The very first thing one should do is identify which self tanning brand to use. When out purchasing the product, you should read carefully through the ingredients the lotion contains, know your skin type to cancel out any reactions that may occur and after this you are sure of the brand.

Well, out with that, the steps or procedure to be taken to self tan is the main topic to be concentrated on and the guidelines are here to help you achieve that great look in the simplest way possible. The first thing you will need is a good tanner all that is explained above.

The other thing you ought to do is of course after a shower is dry off completely so that when applying the lotion your skin is able to absorb it faster and easily. Ensure that the area or place you are in is cool to avoid sweating at any one time.

After all this remember to pat your self dry on the entire body and make sure that you are totally dry and that the place you are in is also cool to avoid your body from sweating.

When applying the tanner lotion put on gloves in order to protect your hands from changing colour, orange colour that is. Then apply the lotion in circular motions on the entire body, be sure not miss any spot behind the ears, neck i. E. All exposed areas. Take your time then after you are done remove the gloves, throw them away and wash your hands.

You should not get dressed at least or an hour so that you can get dried or if you have a blow drier you can use it to speed up drying. This is a lot of process but you have to do what you have to for the perfect results. While some do this for beauty purposes others do it to cover their skins so that they do not get sun burns but as we have seen patience is required in all this.

Finally, wait for an hour or so for you to dry up. The lotion needs to be absorbed by the skin and this will only be achieved when you do not interfere with the process by wearing clothes, just be patient. If you have a blow drier it can help in speeding up the process. You can repeat this whole process after four or five days. In a short time you will notice that there is a difference in your skin colour, even your friends will tell you.

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