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Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Offers Huge Advantages For Users

When you soak up the natural essence of the sun it can cause the DNA to break down in your skin cells, when on the other hand self - tanning does nothing of so sort. The only damage the tanning product can do is when it ends up in your eyes or mouths even your nose, it is strongly recommended to test a part of your skin to see how it will react on your skin type. Sun Laboratories Ultra dark is one of the safest products to use.

The natural essences from the sun can cause your skin cells to break down. After many tests has been completed scientist found that sun tanning products can not harm your skin as long as you make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals. It is also known as some of the safest products to use it you do decide to have a tan.

It is also a good thing to always make sure the tanning product your planning to use has a sun protector factor in it mostly known as SPF used in sun tanning lotions. You can still bur from the sun even if you have a product tanning on but by making sure it contains SPF you can still protect your skin from the damage the sun may cause. Make sure the SPF level is at least fifteen or more nothing less to protect your skin.

The chemical DHA means Di-hydro-XY-ace-tone and is made from a sugar cane plant and most of cosmetics are made from sugar canes all over the world for more than thirty years. This is one of the most natural ingredients used when making cosmetics and self - tanning being one of them. This chemical is color less and with dead skin cells that is on the outside of a body that it interacts with.

If you are unhappy with the way the self - tanning process came out you can remove it just like any other cosmetic items can be removed. Use warm water and lemons to remove the products off your skin or you can just wait seven to ten days for the tan to fade. Once again it is recommended to test the product first to prevent this from happening.

Always make sure you check the label before buying the product. If you not sure what should be in the product or what shouldn't be in it, you should do research first then before just applying anything to your skin. Even better ask a professional even if it is someone at the salon or shop where you will be buying the product. Make sure it contains DHA and SPF.

If you have your own salon and is planning to sure tanning products as one of the things to choose from at your salon use the Ultra dark products it is for the more professional use. To apply this type of tanning product it is recommended to use the spray option and more sure your client have a tanning booth to stand in before you apply this product to them. You can use a tanning sprayer or an air brush technique whatever you find comfortable using.

Many people have their own opinions about self - tanning but they don't realize that is has no harm to it and is very safe to use. There are products that contain harmful chemicals but it is you as the consumer to make sure you know what the product contains and how it would react on your skin. Sun labs aim to make you as a client happy.

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