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Do Scents Of The Spirit Work

Scents of the Spirit fragrances are marketed with a promise of feeling better or stronger after each time you use them. These fragrances are the creation of Ego Emi Company. This company has a spiritual foundation and the man who started this company has a belief system firmly grounded in God and the Bible.

The names and packaging of these fragrances are designed to keep the purchaser mindful of promises made by God to his followers. The act of using them is supposed to bring the sensations of encouragement and empowerment to the person wearing it. The idea is that you will think about the scriptures that accompany the scents each time you use them and feel stronger because of them.

Ego Emi has a mission statement that speaks to these goals. They endeavor to encourage and inspire the Christian population to move forward and live their lives more in the way that God wants them to conduct themselves. He chooses to promote an attitude of positive thinking and inspire hope in consumers by emphasizing the truths and promises that are in the Bible.

The fragrance named Hopeful has a sweet and softer scent. The manufacturer puts a card containing a cite from Psalms that deals with devotion to God leading to realizing their hearts desires. The scripture hopes to remind the purchaser of all the joys and freedoms that can be theirs by following the teachings of the Bible.

The second fragrance is named Renewed and is an invigorating scent. This one is accompanied by a verse from Isaiah that will remind you to place your hope in the Lord he will lift you up and rejuvenate you. He will renew your strength and it states that you will soar like eagles and walk and not be faint.

Both Hopeful and Renewed are said to bring new hope and strength to the user by the simple act of wearing it. The creator of these scents wants to remind Christians of the joys of being in step with God and his Word.He wants the wearer to remember the scriptures every time they use his product or can smell it on their clothing during the day.

The perfumes produced by Ego Emi could raise your spirits easily if you are involved in an organized religion and receive strength from that belief system. For the person who has no real ties to the faith involved in religion it may be a little more difficult to draw happiness from a simple perfume that is accompanied by scriptures. Conversely, it may open a door for them that has previously been ignored.

The man who invented Scents of the Spirit has a history of disillusionment and feeling abandoned while a very young man. When he finished his college education a mentor appeared and taught him about the effect negative thoughts have on one's life. With the help of this mentor he was able to turn his life around and renew his focus on the Gospel and accept the precepts put forth in the Bible. His desire in selling these fragrances is to carry the message about negative thinking and dependence on God for happiness to as many people as possible through his products.

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