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The Services Of Podiatrists In Ottawa

By Mattie Knight

There are plenty of shoes that allow people to show off their feet. From sandals to flip flops and peep toe high heels, these shoes show off pedicures and fancy nail polish colors, but they can also show signs of tired, misaligned or even infected feet if you are not careful. If you begin to notice pain or changes in the look or feel of your feet, then you should seek out podiatrists in Ottawa CA to help you figure out why.

A lot of people do not realize that a simple foot ache can affect more than just your feet, especially if left untreated. When you have an ache or pain, you start to put more pressure on your other foot, which can cause undue strain. Soon, both sides hurt, along with possibly your legs, hips and back. Nip this problem in the bud before it gets out of hand by visiting a foot doctor for help.

A common cause of pain is misaligned feet or a bad gait. This means that when you walk, your feet are not in the proper positions, which can cause strain and pain. This can be due to a number of reasons, so a good podiatrist will ask questions. Perhaps you walk improperly, you have a prior injury, or the fix could be as simple as wearing different or better shoes.

Occasionally, the issue is nothing more than wearing shoes that do not fit properly, or are too stiff to let you walk the right way. Sometimes the issue is far deeper and requires surgery. You may need to go to the hospital for the surgery, though some podiatrists can do it in their offices if they have surgical rooms.

If you or a loved one has diabetes, you know that there is special care that needs to be taken of your entire body. This is especially true of the feet, which can suffer greatly in patients with diabetes. From peripheral neuropathy that causes sharp nerve pain to foot ulcers and rashes, there are all kinds of things that must be properly treated in order for a diabetic to keep their feet healthy.

Corns may not seem like a medical issue, and some people only see them as a cosmetic issue. However, a corn can cause rubbing against the inside of your shoes, creating pressure and rubbing that hurts. Calluses can do much the same thing, so get them checked by a podiatrist who can help. Even athlete's foot can be alleviated with the assistance of a prescribed cream or spray from your foot doctor.

As is this list of things a podiatrist can help with is not long enough, there are still many things more to add. Arthritis is a chronic condition that can occur in the feet which podiatrists can help with. If you sprained or strained anything due to a sports injury, they can also give you assistance and advice.

If you wish to live free of foot pain and all the other conditions they may cause, it may be as simple as getting fit for orthotics. These are shoes or insoles for your current shoes that improve your gait and posture, and your podiatrist can fit you for a custom pair that makes you feel pain free and alive again.

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