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Men Who Work Outside Should Find The Best Sunless Tanner For Their Skin

By Haywood Hunter

Long gone are the days when sun bathers lined up beaches on lakes, rivers, and oceans with their bodies coated in cooking grease or baby oil. These days we realize how dangerous this practice was, as we see our mothers and fathers fighting skin cancer and age spots, not to mention the generally aged look to their skin. Learning from their example, young people do the research in order to choose the best sunless tanner for them.

Determining the correct product involves first identifying what skin tone the individual possesses. Those with fair or pale skin have a greater risk of sunburn, and therefore they are always warned to utilize a tanning cream or gel before spending a lot of time outside. Darker skin tones have less chance of burning, but a tanning lotion can help them maintain an even look to their skin.

These products also keep skin hydrated and moisturized, which is an important element to consider when one spends a great deal of time outside. Not only the sun leaches moisture, but the wind can dry one out as well, leaving cheeks and lips chapped and uncomfortable. Utilizing a UV-rated lip balm is just as necessary as finding the right lotion.

In recent years spray-on solutions have become quite popular because they can be sprayed on evenly, and they take less time than rubbing in moisturizers. The down-side to any topical product is always the potential for skin to turn orange. Experts recommend that skin be well exfoliated prior to application of any topical product, and that this will allow the product to be absorbed more evenly, and the resultant color should be that which is desired.

Most women have come to embrace the indoor tanning spa as a safe and effective solution to the drawbacks of lotions, and the dangers of the sun. However, tanning beds are just as dangerous as being out under ole Sol, and can age the skin just as rapidly. Not only that, but a busy person is even more likely to fall asleep in a tanning bed than they are outside.

One does have more control over the degree and length of time they are exposed to this ultraviolet light. There are those who go too far with it, but it is a self-limiting habit when they learn just how quickly and how severely a harsh burn can occur. For some, falling asleep in a tanning bed is a greater risk than falling asleep on the beach, and this is a serious safety issue since tanning beds literally cook you more quickly than the sun.

These days some of these tanning beds come with an alarm designed to wake the busy human inside when their allotted time has expired. Most beds will recommend increments of only fifteen minutes, and some beds truly enforce that rule. However, one is able to reset the thing for another time slot, and for this reason any business which boasts a tanning bed on site must be hyper-vigilant about keeping an eye on their clientele inside.

It is such a glorious day in modern technology when one realizes that the union of coconut oil and bronzer has been achieved. This provides the skin with the perfect degree of all-natural moisturizing goodness, with the sun-protecting properties of a tanning lotion. For many, this product is exactly what the dermatologist ordered.

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