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Your Correct Use Of Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion On Your Body

Sun laboratories tan overnight self tanning lotion gives the body a natural tan look that is normally sought by those who wish to tan their bodies. It also eliminates the need for direct sun tanning which more often exposes the body to the effects of ultra violent rays. This product has been rated as being ideal by a majority of its users.

Traditionally sunbathing was used to tan the body and is still in use in some quotas. However, the process exposes the body to direct sunlight and hence the ultra violet rays. These rays pose a risk to the body by causing skin cancer among other skin related problems. The overnight self tanning lotion offers an ideal solution where the tan can be easily achieved.

The lotion produces an instant effect. This means that, as it is applied the color of the tan appears on the skin. Within the first three hours after the application, the exact results of the tan are then visible. Properly applied, it will take three days before the tan starts fading away and up to five days before is completely shed from the skin.

To enhance easier bonding of the tan, the lotion contains various compounds. These include bronze which ensures an even merging of the tan thus making it look all natural. The outcome is normally golden and will appear like that of a natural sun tan.

The lotion is made out of moisturizing and hydrating formulas. These are essential in ensuring that it leaves the skin soft and lovely. This is unlike other tanning products which will leave the skin dry. It is also ideal for use on all skin types and gives a golden touch when applied well.

The application of this lotion is done to the face as well as to other body parts. This is for the reason that it is formulated for all skin cares. It is however important that you clean your hands thoroughly after applying the lotion. This is done to remove the tan from the palms which would otherwise appear as stains. In some instances the use of gloves when doing the application may be useful.

This product is best used overnight. Applied using a pump, it is then rubbed over the body using the hands. Due to its compatible formulation, it dries quickly and thus it has no streaks and neither is it sticky. This makes it possible to sleep without staining the bedding even after an application. A shower in the morning after the application leaves the body with an even tan.

There are various local stores that sell the Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion. This makes it easy to acquire the product. They can also be bought from online stores where catalogs and billing is done online. Payment is also made online. The online merchant will make necessary arrangements on shipment of the product to the destination of the buyer. Nevertheless, determine the authenticity of the seller before accepting his products as there are some who sell fake ones.

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