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Useful Information On The History Of Professional Wrestling

In every type of entertainment, both high and low points exist. The history of professional wrestling has had both times. Many fans consider the years when exceptional matches were fought to be the greatest. Others pay close attention to when top promotion installments sealed. The article highlights the major events that caught the attention of many during the establishment of this sport as a popular activity.

The year 1948 is an important year to the account of this game. It was the time when the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) was set up. This organization is given credit for bringing the industry in question to national television, improving how the sport is played as well as increasing revenue for all the stake holders. Thanks to the alliance, lovers and players of the game got to enjoy a high quality matches.

A big time promoter named Vince McMahon left NWA and went ahead to set up NWA. At the same time, Bruno Sammartino began his eight year supremacy as WWF champion. Lou Thesz ruled in NWA as a three time World Heavy Weight Champion. During this period, it was quite common to find wrestlers holding contest titles. Bruno was defeated by Ivan Koloff in 1971.

McMahon signed Hulk Hogan in 1963, a very remarkable move in WWF. On the other hand, NWA continued to rise. It had a major installment with Starrcade. McMahon started Wrestle Mania in 1985, a big move in the account of the game under discussion. The game was taken many steps higher thanks to this action. Stakeholders welcomed this development with enthusiasm.

Many fans consider 1987 as the year when the greatest installment of WWF took place. Andre the Giant handed the torch to the newly signed wrestler, Hulk Hogan during the main event. Close to 100,000 fans showed up to witness Wrestle Mania part three. This major event took place at the Pontiac Silver dome, Michigan. This goes to show that the new establishment increased the fan base for this sport.

WWF rose to become a major player in the industry by 1989. With the aim of ousting it, NCW and WCW joined hands. Famous rows were also witnessed this same year. The major one involved Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. Another major one was between the same Ric Flair and Terry Funk. These feuds added flavor to the game and most supporters would not mind a dose of drama. It is what will make them watch more and more of the game under scrutiny. Hence they were enthusiastic to know how evrything turns out in the end.

In 1996, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall terrified WCW. Hulk Hogan formed the NWO and the Austin 3:16 era began. Austin belonged to WWF association. The involvement of Mike Tyson in WWF in the affairs of Steve Austin made 1998 a remarkable period.

It is this same year that saw Undertaker throw Foley off the summit of the cell. In WCW, Goldberg rose to greatness. At around the same time, ECW maintained the hardcore style of fighting. 1998 certainly features as one of the greatest year in the account of this form of pursuit.

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