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Red Flags That Identify Medical Scams

There is an old saying that states "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is". The myriad of cure-all products advertised in magazines, infomercials, mail order and most recently the internet surely fall into this category. Many desperate people who are concerned about their health become victims of medical scams every day.

The most often seen types of scam focus on things that there is no cure for. They may advertise solutions for hair loss, weight control or perhaps a magic potion that can enlarge the penis. Another approach they use is through fake online pharmacies.

The weight loss business generates over forty billion dollars a year and most of the supplements and appetite suppressants fall into the scam description. They may offer a pill that causes weight loss without any significant changes in your lifestyle or eating habits but the truth is to lose weight and keep it off you must reduce your caloric intake and increase the amount of exercise you do on a daily basis.

A serious danger to the public is fake online pharmacies. These companies take advantage of people by promising to provide their medication at reduced prices or without prescriptions. In truth the customer takes the chance of receiving drugs that are past their expiration date or manufactured in illegal or foreign labs. They may also be sent pills that look like the medication the need but in fact have no medicinal value at all.

Fake online pharmacies target people who are desperate because they may suffer from incurable conditions such as diabetes, MS, cancer or HIV. They use spam e-mail to contact their potential victims. Many of these sites are used as a means to gain access to bank accounts and credit card information. They are also used to transmit mal-wear into your computer that allows access to spy-wear that will infect your computer.

There are several ways to recognize e-mails from a fake pharmacy. The easiest way to prevent being targeted is never open mail from an unknown source but bear in mind there are a number of other tricks they can use to get past your spam filters. Misspelled words or extra spaces in the subject line is one way, unrelated subject matter in titles is another.

There are legitimate pharmacies online and they will have complete contact information listed on their sites. They will also not send prescription drugs without the proper paperwork required by law. Most fake pharmacies do not give out their contact information and will usually promise the drugs you want without a prescription.

Some people will turn to miracle cures for answers to health issues. By doing this they may be jeopardizing their health in much more serious ways because they delay receiving effective treatment that their doctors can offer.

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