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Sun Laboratories Dark Tanner Kit Makes Fake Tanning A Breeze

Visiting a local tanning salon isn't the best solution always if you want to achieve a golden brown complexion minus sunbathing. Long queues and steep price tags can be intimidating most especially to time- and cost-conscious women. It's a good thing that Sun Laboratories dark at-home tanning set is available for those who know they can do it on their own.

Buying Sun Laboratories dark indoor tanning set lets you get your hands on three essential products all at once. It includes everything you need to obtain a fake tan that looks so realistic. The use of Sun Laboratories dark tanning set saves you not only from the need to go to a professional tanning salon, but also from those dangerous UV light the sun gives off.

Sun Laboratories dark indoor tanning set contains an exfoliating body gel and daily moisturizing lotion. Of course the kit won't be complete without the Sun Laboratories dark lotion itself. It's the one that contains an active ingredient known as DHA. Extracted from sugar cane, DHA in Sun Laboratories dark lotion is gentle yet powerful enough to darken your skin.

Every product included in Sun Laboratories dark tanner set plays an important role when it comes to the attainment of a lovely fake suntan. Especially if it's your first time to attempt to get a tan without sunbathing, you will be very thankful that Sun Laboratories dark tanning solutions are available. All three of them can help turn your dream skin tone into a reality.

The bottle of the exfoliating body gel is the first thing you need to grab. Used in the shower, it removes excess dead skin cells in order for DHA to produce an even golden brown color. It's also recommended that you eliminate unwanted hair before applying Sun Laboratories dark tanning lotion. Shaving may be done a day earlier to ensure no skin irritation will bug you.

Using Sun Laboratories dark tanning lotion is trouble-free because it is applied just like your everyday lotion. Aside from DHA, this indoor tanner also contains tint that stains the skin, letting you see where you have already applied it. The rich color it provides is only temporary. It will wash off when you shower, something you need to avoid for 4 to 6 hours. About 3 hours after the application, the initial effect of DHA starts to show up. This is going to intensify further in the next 24 to 72 hours.

The third inclusion in a Sun Laboratories dark at-home tanning set is the daily moisturizer. It is supposed to be used as necessary in order to hydrate the skin. Moisturizing on a regular basis is crucial because it helps keep the fake suntan stay around longer. Sun Laboratories dark tanner's effect usually lasts for up to 5 long days from the initial application.

When buying Sun Laboratories dark tanner set, you may decide which shade of Sun Laboratories dark lotion you want. It is available in three different color intensities. It's a good idea to go for one that's closest to your natural skin tone for a realistic outcome. Sun Laboratories dark indoor tanning set is easily available online because of its popularity worldwide.

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