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Obtain The Most Excellent Results With The Best Self Tanners On Offer

Before using the tanning materials out on the market today, there are a couple of things you need to know. There are a few of things you need to prepare before an application of the best self tanners. The most important thing to prepare is you skin as well as your nails.

If you are using the moose or the lotion, again use long gentle streaks. Decide on one direction that you will apply the product and stick to that direction. Do not apply it as you would apply normal body moisturizing lotion.

This will cause dark lodges and you may even miss some areas that will cause white spots in between the darker colored areas. Some of these products contain bronzer; this means that you will see the color immediately as you apply it. Some other products do not have this kind of bronzer in it so you need to apply it and then give it some time to develop.

A clear coat of nail polish will also be is also recommended that you get any shaving of facial and bikini waxing done before you apply the tanning product to you skin. Threading and or waxing of the eyebrows and the bikini line as well as the shaving of the legs and under arms should be done long before you apply the product. Should you do this after applying your tanning product you will basically just remove the tint or stain from the areas and you will be back to your normal skin color again.

Exfoliate might be a new word to some people. When you exfoliate you basically remove the excess dry skin cells that were on the surface of the skin, leaving the surface of the skin smooth and clean. This is also very important that you do this before applying your product.

If you do not exfoliate before the sunless tanning product is applied the tanned color on the skin will again not last very long. Every time you shower then it will wash off these dead skin cells and you will lose the color much quicker than you would have lost it if you exfoliated before the time. Here you can clearly see how important it is to thread, wax, shave and exfoliate before applying the product.

Please ensure not to apply any sunscreen, oil, makeup or any other sort of lotion to the skin before using the sunless tanning product. This will count Even if it is a couple of hours before the time. If you are planning on applying the product to your face, Chap Stick, lipstick or lip-gloss will be fine to have on.

This can ruin your tan. When you are finish showering you should not dry as you usually do. Pat your skin dry and do not rub it. Again, this will ensure that the tan last so much longer. Use body washes and body soaps that do not have any fragrance or scent to it. This is also harmful to your tan.

Try and limit the amount of shaving that happens after the application. Shaving also counts as a form of exfoliation. Anything that contains salicylic acid as well as benzoyl peroxide should also be avoided. These are corrosive agents and can cause the tan to fade very quickly. By using the best self-tanner you will get the best results.

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