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Facts You Need To Know About Air Brush Spray Tanning

Air brush spray tanning is becoming very popular today all over the world. It is a great beauty option when preparing for a big occasion like a wedding. For a convenient and quick bronze tan application process an airbrush is used. The professional sprays the bronzing solution to the skin while standing with legs and arms spread out.

The tan mixture is an easy carbohydrate that is harmless on the skin and has DHA as the main ingredient. It forms a reaction with amino acids that are found at the peak layer of your skin to form a dark complexion or in other words the tan. The DHA usage has been proven to be secure since it has been used in countless years and the dark shade sheds of once dead skin starts to wear off.

To get effective results, there are some steps which have to be followed. The first thing is to exfoliate the skin before application of the bronze solution. The purpose of exfoliating is to clear the top skin layer by taking off any available dead cells. Oily exfoliates should be avoided because they can leave oil residue on the skin. When you use a body scrub or wash you will lengthen the life of the tan but this should be done at least 24 hours before the actual tan application.

In cases where one does not have a body brush then they can go for a more natural method where they utilize body wash with natural sugar. Shaving and body waxing should also be undertaken twenty four hour prior the tanning procedure. Body applications and jewelry should be removed before the procedure begins.

For proper session of tan application, you can choose to wear a swimsuit or undergarments. Though the solution may be sprayed on the clothes you will wear, it does not stain them. Some clients prefer to go for application while topless to avoid tan lines. It is important to wear loose clothing so that the skin does not rub on the clothes until the tan has totally been absorbed into the skin. Sandals or flip flops should be the ideal shoes after application to avoid sock lines.

It is wise to avoid bathing for at least the first 4 hours after tanning, because water and moisture do not go together with solution of bronze. To avoid the removal of the tan, soaps and shower gels should be discouraged at this time. For perfect color creating you should wait at least 8 hours after the use of tan to ensure the mixture has been absorbed and for a full amino acid to reaction on the skin.

Basically, an airbrush tan is meant to last for a week, when every precaution is taken and also depending on the type of skin. If you wish to remove it before this time, it is easy to do so by simply having a hot bath or showering. One can also re-apply the tan when necessary.

Patients with cuts, eczema, abrasions and psoriasis should not have air brush spray tanning done despite it not having severe side effects. During the first trimester should keep of tan use because of the melanin alternation on the skin. When spraying, particles are blown in the air, so the professionals should always have mask on them to avoid inhalation.

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