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Enjoy A Risk Free Tan With Sunlabs Fake Tanning Kit

Bathing in the sun lets you have a glorious complexion that can make a lot of heads turn. Unfortunately, this activity is something that can put your health at risk. UV light coming from the sun is regarded as a class one carcinogen. Getting too much of it considerably increases your chances of ending up with skin cancer. Luckily, it's not just through sunbathing that you can have the bronze complexion you love. Such can be achieved simply by ordering and using the Sunlabs tanning kit.

Especially if you have never tried getting an at-home fake tan before, you will surely love this product. It gives you everything you need to prepare the skin for the tanning process as well as make the resulting glow last for days. Having the kit within your easy reach helps make sunless tanning a delightful experience most especially for a first-timer like you.

Three products are included in the set, each of them is necessary for you to obtain an eye-catching tan minus the need to expose the skin to the sun's dangerous UV light. The first bottle you need to use contains the body exfoliating gel. It is designed to polish your skin's uppermost layer by eliminating too much dead cells that can hinder the tanner's effectiveness.

It is while you are taking a shower that this particular product has to be used. Unlike most other preparations that you can easily buy on the current market, this one does not contain any oil-based component. It's very important to ensure that the skin is polished and clean before you apply the tanning lotion to ensure that the active ingredient DHA will be absorbed fully.

Once you are though with the exfoliating part, the next thing you need to do is reach for the tanning lotion also included in the kit. If you are used to applying hand and body moisturizer on a daily basis, it's for certain that you will find it easy to smooth the product all over. The ease of application makes a UV-free tanning lotion loved by many consumers worldwide.

You will notice an instant darkening of your skin the moment the lotion is applied. This is possible because of the tinting ingredient added into its formulation by the manufacturer. The presence of this component is essential because DHA, the ingredient that creates a lasting tan, takes a while to work. Thanks to this tint, you can look and feel wonderful right away.

The last bottle included in the tanning set becomes handy the moment you begin to notice the effect of DHA. It contains special ingredients that help in making the resulting tan last for up to a week long. It works by intensely hydrating the skin cells to slow down the natural process of exfoliation they regularly go through, saving your fake tan from fading quickly.

As you can see, buying the kit saves you from the need to figure out which tanning products you have to get just to enjoy the most appealing fake suntan. When shopping for the kit, it's up to you to choose which tan shade you like to go for. It is strongly recommended, however, for you to opt for a shade that is very close to your actual skin color for a realistic outcome.

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