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The Many Benefits Offered By Shoe Orthotics

Foot and ankle pain is a very common complaint and millions of people cannot move about comfortably. This can be caused by a myriad of reasons and podiatrists often struggle to make a firm diagnosis. This is because foot and ankle pain is often only the manifestation of disease or injury elsewhere in the body. The use of special prosthetics often helps but shoe orthotics seldom cures the underlying problem.

Poorly designed or inappropriate footwear is commonest cause of pain. Sportspeople often sustain injuries because they do not use the footwear designed for the type of sport they play. The majority of patients seeing podiatrists are women, and in a large percentage of cases their problem can be directly related to the wearing of high heels. When buying footwear care should be taken to make sure that it fits properly.

Prevention is always better than cure. Much can be done to avoid discomfort. Hygiene is of the utmost importance. The feet should be kept hygenic and dry at all times. Many podiatrists advise their clients to walk barefoot as often as possible, preferably in sand. Stretching the toes and running on them regularly can also help. It is a good idea to get a foot massage at least once a week.

Injuries to the lower legs, the feet and the ankles should never be ignored. If a podiatrist is not seen as soon as possible the adverse effects may become permanent. Many experts also advise that people with foot problems should first ask advice from their podiatrist before purchasing any footwear orthodontics. Some products are substandard and may even cause more harm. A podiatrist can recommend a reliable brand.

One of the most widespread causes of suffering is flat feet. People suffering from fallen arches have dropped arches. This can cause constant foot pain, difficulty to rise up on the toes, pain in the lower back and swelling. The condition is incurable but the use of special inserts can help to support the arches, providing long term relief from the symptoms. Insoles can be bought over the counter.

It is by no means only people suffering from flat feet that benefit from wearing footwear prosthetics. People suffering from arthritis, for example, often experience excruciating pain in the joints of the feet and this pain can be relieved by these devices. Diabetics also benefit because they can wear devices that help increase the blood circulation in the feet. Inflammation of the soles is also a common condition where prosthetic devices will provide relief.

There are no known risks involved in wearing any of the available footwear orthopedic devices. The important thing is to buy only from reputable dealers and to use the devices as instructed. In most cases a single device can be used with several pairs of shoes. They should be kept clean, however and when they become worn they should be discarded.

Footwear prosthetics seldom cure problems of the feet and ankles but they surely provide immense relief for many patients. Pain can make it difficult to walk and many sufferers are housebound. Whenever foot or ankle pain is experienced or when the feet or ankle is injured, a podiatrist should be seen without delay.

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