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How To Get A Great Tan With Sun Laboratories Dark Sensation Self Tanning Lotion

So as to achieve a bronzed glow on skin it is necessary that you opt for a self tanner. Having a golden brown glowing skin will always give you the beauty you truly desire. The easiest way to achieve that tinted skin look is through use of a Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion formulated with DHA sugar. These tanning lotions are manufactured to give you the skin tone that you want.

The downside of sun tanning is that it tends to cause some skin based diseases. It is however essential when searching for tanning products you select a product, which will give you the same outcome as that of sunbath but without skin damage or cancer. There is no better product to help you achieve this than the use of self tanners.

For tanner lotions, the main factors that determine the final outlook are the application process and the product chosen. There are several products in the market each made of different ingredients but they all contain the DHA sugar. It is advisable to take your time before you purchase a specific product.

In the case you take a shower using hot water you should stay for some while before you apply self tanner. This is because a person tends to sweat after a hot shower. Giving your body some time to relax enables that skin pores to open up and dry out. After taking a shower, you may now apply moisturizer to the skin, but only the dry areas like the elbows and knees.

It is a must that you prepare your body skin properly before application. Skin preparation basically includes cleaning the skin and shaving your body. These are the major processes that you should be keen on before applying self tanner. Apart from that, moisturizing can also be considered in the case that you have dry skin.

There are various advantages associated with the application of a moisturizer. One of the advantages is that the skin usually absorbs substances much better when moist that when dry. This allows the self tan product to be absorbed easily thus increasing the quality of the final outcome.

The other advantage of using moisturizer is that the tan substance tends to be easy to spread. It also allows even spreading of that tanner. In the case you have body hair, you ought to make sure you shave it two days before the date of application in order to avoid skin irritation.

Finally, you ought to use the gloves that hair dressers use since they are usually manufactured for cosmetic purposes. Using your bare hands will cause staining of palms. You should make sure that you follow the steps described by the manufacturer so as to have a perfect outcome.

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