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Arch Support Orthotics Can Help To Prevent Flat Feet

Podiatrists deal with patients that have sore and swollen feet and ankles every day. In most cases the cause of the discomfort is that the patient is wearing the wrong type of shoe or shoes that do not fit properly. However, patients with flat feet also experience discomfort, sometimes constantly. In most cases the use of special insoles that can be inserted in standard shoes can provide almost immediate relief. Arch support orthotics not only benefits people with flat feet, however.

Low or non existent insteps lead to a variety of foot problems. Many sufferers cannot stand on tip toes and they experience intense pain if they have to stand for long periods of time. Their feet and ankles tend to swell up in hot weather and many sufferers also experience constant lower back pain. Their shoes wear unevenly and they struggle to find footwear that is wide enough.

There is no remedy for flat feet. This does not mean that there is nothing that can be done, however. Insoles go a long way in supporting the instep and in providing relief from pain and discomfort. Insoles are available freely and in most cases they can be used with several pairs of shoes. In some rare cases, for example when the feet are deformed, it may be necessary to have special insoles manufactured.

There have been cases where podiatrists have attempted to cure flat feet with surgery. An incision is made along the side of the foot and an artificial support is implanted. Experts view this surgery as extremely dangerous and very likely to fail. Patients often end up suffering intense pain for the rest of their lives. Flat feet are not a dangerous condition and the risk of surgery is simply not worth it.

Apart from wearing insoles, people with flat feet can avoid pain and discomfort with a few simple exercises. Patients are advised to try and run on their toes and to regularly stretch the toes as wide as possible. It is also highly recommended that people with flat feet walk barefoot as often as they can. When exercising regularly the tendons and ligaments in the feet will grow stronger.

All babies are born with flat feet. In some people the arches simply fail to develop and they have to live with flat feet. In other cases people develop flat feet later on in life. The tendons along the ankles often weaken with age. Injuries to and inflammation in the tendons can also lead to fallen insteps. Obese people and those suffering from arthritis are particularly prone to developing flat feet.

Of course, people that never developed insteps have no choice but to live with the condition. Other can, however, do much to prevent to condition from developing later in life. One of the most important preventive measures is to maintain a healthy weight. It is also very important to wear shoes that fit correctly. Sportsmen should always wear the shoes specifically designed for the type of sport they play.

Insoles can do much to help people suffering from flat feet to avoid constant pain and discomfort. It is important to buy only quality products from reputable dealers. Inferior products can actually more harm than good, causing blisters and placing pressure upon the foot. Any podiatrist can give advice on which products are best.

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