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Applying Sun Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion To Obtain A Stunning Complexion

Sunbathing was the only way to obtain tanned skin prior to the introduction of indoor tanners on the market. These days, there's Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion which changes everything. Applied topically, it causes skin darkening even without exposure to sunlight. The product is considered as healthier and more practical than sunbathing.

Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion is just one of the numerous varieties of UV-free tanners coming from the manufacturer trusted all over the planet. The formulation of this product makes it capable of producing a really intense olive complexion minus having the skin touched by solar radiation. The darkest possible fake suntan shows up 24-72 hours from the application.

These days, sunbathing is an activity that is highly discouraged by health authorities. Getting too much UV radiation is a bad idea because it increases your risk for skin cancer. If this disease isn't identified and treated right away, there's no question that it can be fatal. Using Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion to get a tan spares you from encountering such health nightmare.

You don't have to sit in the sun ever again for as long as there's a bottle of Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion around. Getting a fake suntan using this product is as simple as rubbing it on your skin just like your everyday moisturizer for the hand and body. Wait for the solution to completely dry up before putting your clothes back on and allow the active ingredient to do its task.

Speaking of which, the active ingredient of Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion is DHA. This is the only chemical capable of darkening your skin minus sun exposure that is FDA-approved. Even though DHA is highly effective in altering your complexion, the fact is it's very mild. DHA is extracted from sugar cane so you know it won't leave your skin irritated.

Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion contains more DHA than the rest of the products being offered by the world-famous manufacturer of UV-free tanners. It's for this reason why Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion is more suitable for individuals who are already naturally tanned but like to make their skin tone more radiant. In case the tanner you are currently using fails to provide the effect you want, allow Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion to give you a fake suntan that looks realistic and dramatic.

Getting all those flattering remarks can be quite addicting, making you want to sport a stunning complexion all the time. Stepping foot in a professional salon is not the most budget-friendly solution because the cost can quickly add up. Having a Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion bottle around allows you to enjoy a really intense fake suntan without spending a lot of cash.

Compared to sunbathing, applying Sun Ultra Dark tanning lotion is a safer and more practical way to enjoy a very intense golden brown skin color. It's trouble-free to use and the impressive result may be enjoyed for approximately a week. The product is ideal for people who want to make their natural tanned skin look more intense.

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