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Enjoying The Perfect Tan Using The Sun Self Tanner Kit

Sporting a gorgeous fake tan requires more than just smoothing on a sunless tanning lotion. It also calls for proper skin preparation as well as maintaining the radiant glow intact for up to a week long. If you have never tried indoor tanning in the past but you are really considering it, getting the Sun self tanner kit in order to get started is definitely a great idea.

The kit contains everything necessary to make your complexion look fantastic without sunbathing and getting too much UV light in the process. Every bottle in this kit plays an important task in giving you a golden-brown skin tone that seems like it was obtained at the beach. You know that all of them will work well because they are from Sun Laboratories.

The great thing about getting your hands on the complete set is you no longer have to figure out which items you need to purchase and apply just to enjoy the perfect sunless tan. All you need to do is reach for each of the bottles in a certain order. Especially if it's your first time to try getting an artificial suntan at home, getting the tanning set is a great idea.

The first bottle in the set you need to grab is the body exfoliating gel. It is formulated exclusively for an indoor tanning fan like you because it does not contain any oily ingredient that other preparations on the market usually contain. It's important that no oily residue remains on your skin so that DHA, the UV-free tanner's active ingredient, can be completely absorbed.

Exfoliating is an important procedure that you should carry out prior to applying the tanning lotion included in this set. Doing this gets rid of those excess dead cells sitting on your skin, polishing the surface that DHA has to darken. Without using the exfoliating gel in the shower beforehand, it's not unlikely for the resulting fake tan to be blotchy.

After you are through removing those dead skin cells in the shower, you are ready to get to the main part of indoor tanning. The lotion included contains a chemical called DHA, something that is extracted from sugar cane. This chemical is capable of darkening your complexion minus exposure to the sun's UV light. Because DHA is 100% organic, skin irritation can be avoided.

Because DHA takes a few hours to develop, the manufacturer has added a bronzing ingredient to instantly leave your skin stained. You have to choose from among the three different tan shades when buying the kit - dark, medium to ultra dark. It is generally a good idea to go for something close to your natural skin color in order to end up with the most realistic effect.

The moment that the sun-kissed glow is noticeable, it's time to reach for the last bottle in the kit. Inside it is the tan maintainer that lets the lovely color stay around for up to a full week. It works by constantly hydrating the skin's topmost layer, thereby slowing down the natural process of exfoliation that causes the inevitable fading of the resulting fake tan.

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