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Knoxville Low Back Pain Relief Is Closer Than You Think

A large number of people suffer from low back pain. It can make it difficult to sit for a long period of time. It can also hurt to lie down. As your Knoxville chiropractor will confirm, this makes it difficult to work and participate in other activities.

The lumbar spine is made up of three sections. Below the thoracic vertebrae are five separate lumbar vertebrae. The five below them are fused together. Below those another four are fused. This makes the spine inflexible.

It might be an automobile accident or a sports-related injury that causes the herniation. Twisting of the spine in any way might be the cause. For alleviation of the pain, chiropractic care is preferable to prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

Your first appointment with a chiropractor starts you on the road to relief. An assessment of your condition is made through questioning and a physical examination. In some cases x-rays are needed to determine the exact location of the slipped disc.

After that, a plan for your care will be recommended. Each person receives one that is individualized to suit his or her needs. Manual adjustments are often the most beneficial way to relieve the agonizing pain. These will gradually straighten a misaligned spinal column.

The manual adjustments will gradually ease the bones back into the correct alignment. This will relieve any pressure on the nerve roots located near the spinal column. As the pressure is relieved the pain will be alleviated.

In addition, mild exercises and massage may be added to your care program. The goal is to increase flexibility, relax tightened muscles adjoining the spinal area and straighten the spine. This will be done gradually to avoid undue stress.

When the pain is reduced sufficiently, you may be ready to return to work. The remaining pain may limit you to working part-time at first. However, the pain management will allow you to conduct a normal routine as much as possible.

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