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What One Must Know About Sunless Tanning Verses A Natural Tan

Sunless tanning can be defined as the use of chemicals on the skin's surface to create an effect similar to that of a natural tan, or a suntan. Sunless tanning is also known as a UV-free tan, a spray tan or a fake tan. Sunless tanning has been practiced since the 1960's when health experts discovered the possibility of contracting skin cancer from a natural tan, like those from sunbeds.

A tan from the sun will naturally darken the skin by UV radiation. Although a tan may appear just from everyday outside activities, a person could choose to purposefully suntan, or sunbathe. Many people use sunless tanning methods instead of the sun because it is safer. From a natural tan, a person could end up with skin cancer, or at the very least, a painful sunburn.

Sunless tanning creates a good skin tone without exposure to the sun. There are plenty of sunless tanning products available in beauty stores. These include sunless tanning creams, foams, sprays, gels, towelettes and lotions. Creams were the earliest on the market, while other products, like sprays and foams came later on. Improvements in the products have been made over the years, and new products have also been introduced.

Sunless tanning methods are easy to apply and will seldom produce an allergic reaction. It is still advised, however, to follow the instructions carefully. Your doctor's opinion could be helpful as well when deciding to embark on sunless tanning methods.

There are so many sunless tanning products that it is not easy to select one that is of a good quality. Some are just cheap variations that do not work well. Try to find a store that is credible, and with staff who are able to assist with information regarding sunless tanning products.

Sunless tanning products can be applied in just minutes, and it will only take a couple of hours for your tan to start showing. They are much less hassle than finding the time to suntan. The products are also designed to take care of the skin. Remember though, that a little sun is good, as it provides the skin with vitamin D, and helps with certain skin conditions.

Remember that sunless tanning products have to be purchased on a regular basis, and this will lead to some expense. Money will also need to be paid in order to use a sunbed, which has been found to cause skin cancer as well, as it uses similar UV rays to the sun. It is perhaps better to pay extra for sunless tanning products, rather than risk a disease and premature aging of the skin.

Facts about sunless tanning can help provide the right knowledge on how to go about it, and the best products to choose from the market. Perhaps also consult a dermatologist to find out whether or not your skin can support particular self-tan products. Both natural and unnatural methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

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