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A Mutation Discovery Linked To Brain Tumors

When it comes to the occurrence of brain tumors, everyone has their own ideas as to why it happens. While none of these can exactly be cemented, there is no question that they can occur and research is done in order to figure out more about these intricate growths. However, is it possible that a mutated gene in the body can play into how these tumors are formed as a result? Judging by a recent article on the matter, I believe it to be the case.

Science Daily put up a report that spoke about the growth of certain benign tumors in the brain as a result of the presence of a mutated gene. It's possible that certain effects could come about, which is a piece of news that I believe to be rather unfortunate. That being said, if this gene is given enough attention, it is possible that researchers can assess the kinds of drugs that would be more appropriate. What can be said about the mutation in question, in detail, you may wonder?

What are some of the details to consider about this mutated gene? It has been given the name of BRAF, which is one that was seen in almost all of the papillary craniopharyngioma samples seen. These are the ones that are more common in adult patients, as opposed to child patients who are more likely to be afflicted by another craniopharyngioma type known as adamantinomatous. This is what can help to make the selection of certain drugs easier and, as a result, possibly expand methods of remedy in the future.

When talking about the craniopharyngiomas, I was surprised to see how impactful they could see, not to mention how prevalent. For those who do not know, a single BRAF gene can drive tumors like these to become as aggressive as they are. The fact that a simple mutation, as opposed to multiple, can drive these tumors is a point that can potentially aid in the study of brain tumors. This may also make it easier to pinpoint more effective remedies, as organizations like Voices against Brain Cancer can vouch for.

As studies are done on a consistent basis, it is important for them to be as focused as possible so that clear results can come about. This should be kept in mind, whether the focus is set on cancer or what have you. It's apparent that there are certain details to consider, especially when you look at one tumor after another. With so many different intricacies to take into account with each of them, pinpointing a single common trait can prove useful for better procedures in the future.

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