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Are Paraben Free Skin Care Products Safer

Paraben free skin care products are becoming more available to the general public because studies are showing that parabens are closely linked to breast cancer and other health related risks. Parabens are preservatives used by cosmetic manufacturers in virtually every product they make and sell. You will also find them in food items commonly consumed by Western civilization.

These chemicals come under many different names but most will end with "ben". If you read the labels provided with your deodorants, soaps and face creams you may find several different strains of this chemical. Testing of this substance has shown that in face creams, when exposed to ultra-violet rays it actually causes your skin to age faster. This is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be doing.

Studies in Europe on the tumors removed from victims of breast cancer show a remarkable percentage of victims have parabens as part of the makeup of their tumors. The tumors also were found to be very close to the under arms of victims and it was determined that the use of under arm deodorants was part of the cause of their tumors.

Parabens work like estrogen in the body and estrogen has been shown to cause breast cancer and early onset dementia in adults. There is also proof of children entering puberty as early as eight years old. Young girls have begun developing breasts as well as pubic hair growth.

Children are entering puberty as young as eight years old and developing breasts and pubic body hair. When blood tests are done they have found measurable amounts of paraben present. Exposure can begin at birth because many infant health items contain this ingredient. It has been shown that the human body can absorb up to five pounds of these chemicals from cosmetics alone over a lifetime.

Consider that most women have been putting these creams and oils on their faces and bodies minimally twice a day for most of their lives. This number is probably much higher because soaps and make up contain them also. When using that much of a product it is to your advantage to be certain that the ingredients are safe to use. Manufacturers do not have to prove to the USDA that these preservatives are truly safe and will continue to use them until consumers force them to stop.

The bottom line is that the manufacturer is responsible for making sure their cosmetics are safe for use by consumers. The consumer should not have to force them to act in an acceptable fashion when it comes to safety issues. It has been shown many times that consumer actions can and will bring around needed changes even when large corporations decline to address a subject immediately.

Paraben free skin care products can not readily be found in drug stores or department stores yet. There are several sources that can be accessed online and the costs are not prohibitive. As with anything purchased online be certain of the source you choose by investigating them thoroughly and perhaps start with a small item such as bath soap first. The thought is that until parabens are proven totally safe it is simply better to not use products that contain them.

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