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A Complete Guide To Features Of The Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

If you start a basic web search for online self tanner products, you are likely to be stumped by the number of offers returned by your search engine. As such, it is important to evaluate different online reviews before opting for any one product. The following guidelines will prove particularly helpful to anyone looking for the genuine Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark self tanning lotion.

If a skin tanning lotion is to live up to its top billing, it should have a balanced formula to begin with. Indeed, the type of ingredients and the proportion with which they are used will determine if the tanner will be safe to use as well as effective. In this regard, the most highly rated products usually have a high concentration naturally sourced ingredients.

The best skin tanning lotions are highly reputed for their capacity to induce a tan that is also pleasant in appearance. The best dermatologists in the world recommend that an artificial tan should be a healthy shade of bronze if it is to be considered as healthy. As such, any artificial tanner which leads to a yellowish or orange tan is definitely uncertified.

The tanning lotions rated as the best in the category are also formulated for easy application on the skin, even on hard-to-reach areas of the body. This is made even easier when an extra measure of dark tinting color is added at the formulation stage. As such, when you apply the lotion on a pale skin, any unevenness in the spread will be noted and corrected well within time.

Some users are understandably concerned, on first applying the tanner on the skin; that they will end up inducing a tan that is uncommonly dark in tint. This is a fear that is not founded on actual outcomes as the extra pigmentation is temporary and has no bearing on the eventual appearance of the tan. As soon as you take a shower, you will be glad to note that all of it washes off.

You should only apply an artificial skin tan if you are guaranteed that the eventual tan will last about a week. Indeed, it can be more trouble than you bargained for if you had to make a fresh application every couple of days just to keep appearances. By first exfoliating the skin, you will manage to add at least a couple of days to the longevity of your tan.

One of the most common negative remarks about skin tanning lotions is that they invariably leave behind a lingering chemical odor. Admittedly, some products have this characteristic; but only if they have been formulated with a higher concentration of synthetic tan-inducers than is necessary. Those with a more balanced formulation have been found to have a faint though pleasant scent.

If you have been searching fruitlessly for the best artificial tanner without much success, maybe you ought to reconsider your options. According to objective online reviews, the Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark self tanning lotion has earned the trust of users all over the world. Try it today to see exactly why.

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