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Obtaining A Reliable Spray Tan Has Major Benefits

For many hundreds of people, a great tan is a sign that they take care of their bodies. These folks simply love the way a great spray tan makes them feel. They say a spray tan gives them confidence to wear the latest fashions and show off their skimpy little swim suits on the beach.

Gone are the days where these people spend hours in the blazing sun for their all over tans, when they use a spray tan. The sun is now too damaging for the skin as it causes cancer and premature aging, not to mention that it induces wrinkles. For all these dynamic tanners there is now only one solution- a spray tan.

For these body conscious people, there are now spray tan salons where they can attain such glorious looks. Spray tan salons are very popular nowadays.They offer an array of different options for people to boast the most amazing tones.

Salons now offer the very popular air brush spray tan. This is done by a professional spray artist. Such people are highly trained to do this type of job and therefore, this particular techniques is quite costly. One stands for this spray tan, while the artist sprays your body, by using different nozzles for the different effects. The result is a perfect all over spray tan.

When you opt for a spray tan using the air brush technique, a professional artist will spray you with a very fine mist of tanning lotion. One is required to wear a bikini, for as much skin coverage as possible. This type of spray tan will give you a definite golden glow.

The turbine spray tan is very similar to the airbrush technique in that you also stand in the turbine while it sprays a tanning lotion one the body. This too, is a fine mist which sticks to the skin on contact. You are left with a smooth even look, by this sort of spray tan.

There is also the other option of the sun bed tanning. This is where the person lies on a bed which is surrounded by artificial ultra violet ray globes. A quality spray tan also does not come off in the shower or rub off onto your clothes.

For those people who prefer not to go to the salon there are spray tan products available for use at home. Products such as lotions, sprays, mousses and gels are very popular. Once again one simply needs to spend a little time contemplating the tone you wish to have for the summer and then go out and purchase their spray tan of choice. One should stay with the lighter tones for the beginning as these are more easy to obtain without getting streaks and patches. Should you want to go darker after the developing time, all you need to do is apply more tanning lotion.

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