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Tips For Choosing Good Varicose Vein Treatments Somerville Citizens Will Find Useful

By Evelyn Walls

Treatment of varicose veins is necessary for any individual. Treatment helps you ease pain, reduce complications and maintain appealing looks. Varicose veins do not only cause pain, but also health problems such as leg ulcers, swelling and discomfort. To ensure these health issues are treated, you must use the most appropriate treatment option. Prior to choosing any form of varicose vein treatments Somerville people will need to consider the following factors.

Patients do not need to stay in hospital to receive treatment. Treatment can be offered on an outpatient basis making the recovery process comfortable. One of the most common treatment offered is self-care. Self-care includes; exercising, weight loss and elevation of affected areas. Patients are advised to exercise on a regular basis. Losing weight, avoid standing or sitting for long hours will help ease pain. You can prevent the condition from getting worse by avoiding tight cloths and elevating affected areas.

Doctors will recommend compression stockings before using other medical techniques. Compression stockings are designed to squeeze your legs. This helps blood to flow efficiently in the blood vessel and leg muscles. The amount of compression on your legs will depend on the brand and type of stockings you purchase.

Compression stockings can be purchased in medical supply stores or pharmacies located in Somerville NJ. There are several factors to consider when purchasing stockings. Check the size of the stockings to be sure it fits. Ask the pharmacist to measure your legs with a tape measure to get the right size. Ensure the compression stockings are strong but not tight.

People with serious artery conditions need advanced medical treatment. Professionals will advise the use of sclerotherapy if compression stockings and self-care are less effective. Doctors inject arteries using a solution that scars the blood vessel and close it. During sclerotherapy the affected vessel is injected more than once. Patients are assured of less invasion and satisfactory results.

Patients can close small veins by using laser surgeries. During laser surgery, the artery is exposed to light which causes the vein to fade and disappear. No needles and incisions are required for laser surgery, hence minimum pain and quick recovery. You may require a catheter assisted procedure if your varicose veins are large. Doctors insert thin tubes into enlarged veins. The tip of the catheter is heated to collapse the vein and seal it as the doctor pulls out the tube.

Vein stripping involves incisions to remove a long artery. Blood circulation in your leg will not be affected by removing the blood vessel. The process is suitable for outpatient. You may require an ambulatory phlebotomy to remove small varicose veins. Doctors remove veins through series of tiny skin punctures.

Varicose veins can also cause leg ulcers and swelling if left untreated. People with leg ulcers undergo endoscopic surgery. This surgical procedure helps close the vein through incisions. A tiny camera is used to assist surgeons visualize the artery. It is wise to study the different varicose veins treatments in advance to be sure of the risks and benefits involved.

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