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For Experienced Plastic Surgeons Northwest Indiana Is The Way To Go

By Mattie Knight

The need for alteration and/or restoration of normal appearance of faces and bodies arises in certain circumstance. Such restorations and modifications are done under a field of medicine called plastic surgery. The first instances this field was exercised was in 800 BC by Indian doctors. Indians were the first to use various techniques for reconstructive surgery. A lot has changed in this field since the first application. Modern-day version of the profession is attributed to the efforts of Harold Gillies.

The modern techniques in use today are credited to Gillies as their father. Harold worked mostly in France and England although he was born in New Zealand. Gillies was very instrumental in restoring facial appearance of soldiers wounded in World War One. Surgeons are the practitioners who specialize in this field. When there is need for plastic surgeons Northwest Indiana should be the first location to make a visit to.

Making it to surgeon in this field is very competitive. Only the best qualify and it takes years of training and residency. Earning an undergraduate degree with specialty in medicine related courses such as biology, physics, chemistry, and biochemistry is the first step. One must then get admitted into medicine school to further their education for another four years.

At the medical school, one should specialize in either medicine or osteopathy to earn a Doctor of Medicine (M. D) or Osteopathy (D. O) after four years. After medical school, medical residency comes next. The residency is usually hospital-based and it can be in general surgery or plastic surgery. Licensure is also important because surgeons in this profession also need a license to practice in Merillville.

Two main professional bodies are responsible for regulating this field, that is, American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and American Osteopathic Board of Surgery (AOBS). Either of the organizations can provide certification to practitioners. No qualification above the ones discussed above is needed for one to practice in any state in the US. With new developments and changes happening in this field daily, practitioners need to stay informed and updated at all times.

There are two main reasons this kind of surgery is done. One is to enhance appearance while the second one is to correct appearance and to restore function. Appearance may need to be corrected after being involved in an accident or suffering injury. Whereas improvement of appearance seems to be a personal choice, correction of appearance is sometimes mandatory. The two fields are called cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery respectively.

Places of work include hospitals and clinics with sterile surgical units being the main units for performing surgical procedures. One needs to be physically fit because these professionals are required to stand for long hours during operation. Operations last varied amounts of time. Annual salary is dependent on factors such as subspecialty of specialization, location, and experience. Microsurgery, aesthetic, burn, hand, pediatric, and craniofacial plastic surgery are the main subspecialties in this branch of medicine.

The responsibilities of surgeons in this field include examination, assessment, and diagnosis of deformities suffered as a result of congenital or disease abnormalities or accidents. They then perform invasive surgical procedures to rectify the abnormalities to restore normal appearance and function. Invasive surgery is followed by elective surgery to enhance physical appearance. They also order and do diagnostic tests and prescribe medications and treatment.

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