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Shiatsu Palo Alto For Meridian Balance And Wellness

By Marci Nielsen

There are many forms of massage. One of the Japanese forms is shiatsu, which translated into English means finger pressure. While it began in Japan, later the Chinese adapted and further developed the therapy. It has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the heart of silicon valley, shiatsu Palo Alto has several spas and independent therapists that provide this service.

The twelve meridians of the body are connected to a particular body organ. Organs are said to be yin or yang. For one example, the spleen is a yin organ, and the corresponding yang organ is the stomach. The healing therapy is intended to keep the meridians in balance. An imbalance can cause the immune system to weaken which will leave the body vulnerable to illness.

Working with the meridians is a healing therapy, and the Qi, called chi in English is the life energy of the body. When the body is in balance your chi, pronounced chee, will be positive. With this balance you will have a sense of wellness.

Working on the meridians increases the blood flow and opens up your chi, your energy. If a person has a lack of energy there may be some blockage of chi in a part of the body which will be associated with one or more of the meridians. When the therapist works on these areas it opens up the blood flow and relieves the blockage.

Shiatsu can help many aches and pains whether they are affecting a specific part of the body or they are general in nature. You may have a general sense of depression or a sharp pain in your left shoulder. Many of the common complaints, such as tennis elbow and headaches, can find some relief with this massage therapy.

Palo Alto has residents who are usually extremely well educated. Being the heart of silicon valley, many of its resident are paid very high salaries. These two characteristics combined tend to give people a highly developed sense of self and enough disposable income to take good care of their needs and wants. People who are struggling to pay the rent are not likely to seek out massage therapy.

Licensed massage therapists in California are required to complete a rigorous course of study that includes academic courses, the study of applied massage and courses in business ethics. After they have completed the required courses they must pass a state certification exam. Once they have passed the exam they receive a license and are licensed massage therapists. Perhaps due to the demand in Palo Alto, it has become an area with a good supply of Shiatsu therapists.

Clients who are scheduled to have their first massage may be surprised to discover that they will be clothed during the session. They are advised to keep the clothing comfortable and loose. Especially for your first massage, be sure to be open with the therapist about what is going on with your body. This will help guide him or her to which meridians need attention. If you have regular massages by the same therapist, he or she will get in touch with your body, but for the first meeting openness is essential. Palo Alto is home to many qualified therapists. It should be relatively simple to find one to help you on your path to wellness.

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