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Essential Things To Do Before Using A Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

Getting a tan indoors is a safe and healthy way to get a gorgeous complexion instantly. A self tanner can come in the form of lotion, spray, foam and cream. No matter which type you prefer, all of them rely on the same active ingredient called DHA. There are a few things that you need to carry out before applying the product of your choice to obtain superb results.

Hit the shower and thoroughly clean the skin prior to the application of a sunless tanning product. It's a must for dirt and grime to be removed so that DHA in the tanner can be completely absorbed and allowed to do its magic. Otherwise, the resulting color may look uneven as clean areas may end up darker and surfaces with excess skin oils may sport lighter brown shades.

Exfoliate to remove too much dead skin cells. DHA works by darkening dead cells sitting on the topmost layer of your skin. It's very important for this surface to be smooth and even so that the indoor tanning product of your choice could produce a uniform fake tan. Using either a loofah or an exfoliating gel designed for application before getting a tan indoor may be done.

Getting rid of unwanted body hairs is another thing you need to do before the use of any indoor tanning product. If you don't shave the skin, the tanner may only pool around hair strands, resulting in a blotchy outcome. Shaving also helps in providing added exfoliation to really make the layer of dead skin cells smoother.

In case waxing is your preferred hair removal procedure, have it done at least 24 hours before getting a tan indoors. This gives the waxy residue that could keep DHA from springing into action plenty of time to disappear. What's more, letting a full day pass allows your irritated skin to heal.

See to it that you are completely dry all over before you begin the indoor tanning task. Water can dilute the lotion, gel, cream or spray, causing a less desirable fake tan. Certainly, it can be very exciting to get started with your sunless tanning. However, see to it that you towel down thoroughly to ensure that no excess skin moisture will get in the way.

Do not apply any of the cosmetic products you use daily. It's true that DHA present in indoor tanners emit a fishy odor while it is springing into action. This is perfectly normal and soon disappears once the active ingredient has developed. It isn't recommendable to apply cologne or any other product just to mask the characteristic odor given off by DHA.

The only cosmetic product you may apply beforehand is your favorite moisturizing lotion. Take note that it should only be used on dryer areas of the body such as the ankles, knees and elbows. Due to the dryness of these parts, they tend to absorb more DHA and end up darker than the rest. Applying moisturizing lotion in these areas weakens DHA's effect.

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