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A Basic Introduction To Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

It was only a matter of time before a lotion that enabled tanning saw discovery and came into the market. When it did, it became an almost instant hit. As the years have gone by, versions of the lotion have seen development and their marketability soared. It helps that they are good for both men and women. The Sunless tanning lotion and its accompanying products provide the best alternatives to the sun. A number of reasons have led to this.

One of the standing out reason that has led to sunless tanning solution success in your market is the awareness of the danger arising from over-exposure to ultra violet rays emitted by the sun. Sun based harmful effects vary from dry skin maladies to skin cancer for some. For this reason, many people are retorting to all round tanning from lotions away from sun-based tanning. Sprays or lotions will tan your body for some days. It works well for at least two days.

The negative effects associated with a tan acquired this way are minimal if any. A client is assured of this if they follow religiously the instructions that accompany the products packaging. Another reason is that a number of these products work within a few minutes. In this regard if the client has a hot date or a great party to attend where flaunting of the wonderfully tanned body is required, the sunless lotion tan is the way to go.

Precautions need serious attention just like any other product. The customer requires identifying the proper lotion before purchasing it. It has to be suitable for their respective skin type. The products are available in a number of shades that vary from extremely light to ultra-dark.

The customer must also scrutinize very carefully the ingredients that make a product before its application on their body. The reason lies in the harmful contents of some products that could lead to allergic reactions or health complications. An ingredient with good results is DHA or di-hydro-xyacetone. This component chemical reacts positively with natural amino chemicals that make dead skin tissues in a body producing a superb tan.

There are numerous products available in the market place that are used for self-tanning. These products are targeted either for home or salon application. To successfully effect self-tanning at home, a client needs to prep their body correctly. The process requires an exfoliating of a skin. Next comes careful spreading all over the skin using methods and amounts subscribed in the instruction manual accompanying the packaging. It then needs to be allowed to dry.

Most application solutions for tanning come with instructions not to be washed off before twenty-four hours elapse. This helps in gaining endurance for the tan. Most products are accompanied by suitable after care products like moisturizers, which assist in keeping a skin fast and supple. These moisturizers also help to maintain a tan for much longer.

Sunless tanning solutions arrived on the scene when the sun was labelled as a villain. Self-tanning products provide a perfect solution for those who wish for a tan but not wish to risk health issues from the rays of the sun.

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