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The Best Self Tanning Lotions Produce Great Results Without Harmful UV Rays

The sun's UV rays may produce a lovely tan however they can also do considerable damage to the skin, which causes premature aging and even skin cancer. Yet people still desire the look of a sexy, bronzed tan, which is where using the best self tanning lotions comes in. These products are the perfect solution for achieving a deeper skin tone for those who are naturally fair or simply don't want to risk harming their skin.

With so many sunless tanning formulas on the market, it can be overwhelming for someone who is trying to find the best one, that's why it's helpful to look up some reviews of the various types online and find out which ones other satisfied customers would recommend as well as which ones should be avoided. The goal is to select a product that contains natural ingredients as much as possible that moisturize and gently tint the skin with a color that looks attractive and realistic, not orange and sickly.

Sunless tanning products can be purchased in forms such as mousses, sprays, and lotions, but overall the latter are the most popular and easier for even a new user to apply evenly without getting streaks. With all types, it's advisable to dress in darker clothing after application since the product may cause fabric discoloration.

The primary ingredient common to practically all self tanning lotions is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Naturally derived from raw sugar, DHA is able to produce darker pigmentation in the skin when it reacts with the top layer of epidermal cells. This "tan" will gradually fade, but it can last as long as one week. Products claiming to produce a darker tan, contain higher amounts of DHA than regular formulas.

Exfoliating the skin before applying the sunless tanner is recommended as this improves the results. Using a loofah to slough away patches of dry skin will help prevent dark patches which can form easily in dry areas and look uneven. Ideally one should exfoliate the skin daily for a few days before applying the tanner for the most even and natural-looking application.

Many of these lotions contain a darker tint that is added for the purpose of making it easier to apply. This way the user can see if he or she has added too much of the product to one part or another and it can be corrected before it creates as spot or streak. However this effect is temporary and will rinse away after a shower, the tan develops gradually due to the action of the DHA.

It looks strange if the color is absorbed by the palms of the hands, so either use plastic gloves or to wipe off and wash the hands promptly afterwards. One will likely need another person to assist when it comes to applying tanner to the back, and the face should either be avoided or a special tanner made for facial use applied with care.

Some users complain about the odor of sunless tanning formulas which can hang about for days, but these are typically the inferior, artificial blends that produce this issue. Naturally-based product lines are pleasantly scented and this light aroma fades in a few minutes in most cases anyhow.

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