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Study On Best Self Tanner

Coco Chanel once got back from a holiday with tanned skin in the 1960s. Since then, both men and women have been considering this a fashion statement. Several people try many things so as to get some color for their skins because pale skin is not as attractive as tanned skin according to them. One way of getting the tan is exposing the skin to the sun but this puts it in a lot of danger from the UV rays. This is the main reason why many people are now considering the use of cosmetic tanning products but they have a challenge when identifying the best self tanner.

A lot of time has passed since the tanners were invented and numerous people continue to use them since then. The quality of the bronzers was at first bad but they have been refining a lot as time passes by. They now create a tan that looks like it is natural and has little or no dissimilarity with the tan gotten from the sun.

There are a lot of factors that can help in determining whether a self-tanner is of good quality. Some of them are the smell that it produces, the safety of using it on the skin and also the kind of color change it causes on the complexion. A good product is one that is safe to be used on a human body. It is not supposed to have negative effects like acne or any other skin blemishes.

Sunless tanners normally work because of the presence of the DHA chemical in them. This is a chemical that is known to have a very bad odor and this is translated to the bronzers. The best bronzers however a have a much reduced bad stench which makes them bearable when using. The producers of these products normally add essential oils that smell good on the products to minimize the bad odor.

The first bronzers to be developed used produce an orange tan that appeared so weird. This has been enhanced by the manufacturers so that these days the products create a natural tan. The good bronzers usually create a brownish tan that gives the impression that it is natural as opposed to the orange-like color produced by counterfeit products.

When a user wants to identify a good bronzer, they should look at that which has additional ingredients such as moisturizers. The products should not be one that dries the skin when it is used. They should also make sure that all the additional products are ones that they are not allergic to avoid any kinds of infections on their skins.

Buyers should always make sure that they purchase products from a trusted manufacturer. There are a lot of counterfeit products out there and therefore they should know the producer before buying. Many counterfeit products are normally from the companies with weird names that the users have never heard before.

The list of features above can now make the task of selecting the best bronzer in shops stress free. People can now copy that Coco Chanel look and manage to keep their skin away from any kind of danger.

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