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Steps To Observe When Applying Self Tanning Lotion Products

One simple way to gain confidence is to ensure that you maintain a certain level of beauty. One way to attain this beauty is ensuring that you have the right tone of skin. The skin color can give you a drastic change. You can be able to get skin tone that you desire by opting to use a self tanning lotion. The application procedure is what mainly determines whether you will get the tan that you desire.

It is possible to tan your skin using do-it-yourself procedures but you need to follow every little detail in applying a tanner. Tan lotions are products used to help an individual achieve a golden brown skin tone. During the earlier days people used to bask under the sun so as to achieve this tan.

It is advisable you shave the hair at least a day or two prior to the tanning date. This will help you avoid skin irritation since the skin tends to be sensitive after you shave. In shaving a day before, you will allow the sensitivity to subside. Once you do this, the next step is to exfoliate the skin.

Skin exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin and other debris with use of exfoliants. You can do this easily by using a body scrub to remove the debris. This can be done while taking a shower so that the water can wash it all. Removing the top layer of the skin allows the tan to adhere properly on skin.

You can be able to do this on your own or have a friend assist you in the process. The only thing you need to do in order to achieve a perfect tan is to follow correctly the application procedure. There are various techniques and tools you can use, but all procedures revolve around one basic factor, which is, cleansing the skin before applying a tanner.

After purchase of your tanner product, application is the next important step. It is essential you prepare your body effectively for the procedure. The main body preparation involves cleaning the skin. You should take a shower and scrub your body effectively to exfoliate it. You can use an exfoliation product to remove any dead skin and debris that may be available on skin.

Gloves will avoid your hands turning yellow or orange while offering a smooth spread of tan. You can also opt to cover the surfaces where you plan to carry out the tan such as the floor of bathrooms to avert staining the tiles. Start with your arms and torso before going to other hard to reach areas of your body. Put more emphasis on the rough and folded areas of the body.

On the issue of taking a shower and exfoliating skin, it is essential that you use a non-oil based scrub to remove dead skin and debris. The oils and dead skin cells tend to block the pores thus barring the penetration of tanner substance on skin. Oil based scrubs also tend to leave oil residues on the body that also block the pores. With these few tips and others, you can be able to get a perfect tint on skin that is free from streaks or spots.

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