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Why People Prefer Using A Sunless Tan Moisturizer

If you want your skin to have the sensuous bronzed look normally associated with sun tanning without suffering the side effects of tanning in the sun, you can use a sunless tan moisturizer. This product can come in the form of a spray, cream or lotion. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is one of the main active ingredients in sunless tanning products.

Dihydroxyacetone is a sugar that is extracted from plants like beets and sugarcane and then fermented using glycerin. It makes the skin have a dark tone. The other common ingredient that you can find in a sunless tan moisturizer is Tyrosine. This ingredient boosts the melanin formation process in the skin to give it a darker tone.

When applying a sunless tan moisturizer to your skin, you need to be patient because it is not possible to get the perfect tan after a single application. Before you apply the sunless tan moisturizer, you should exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells from its surface. Another important thing to do when using such a product is to ensure that you apply it well on the elbows, knees and ankles to avoid patchy tanning.

Apply the tanning lotion patiently and ensure that it is dry before wearing your clothes. You can use a damp make up sponge to apply the lotion or wear latex gloves as you apply it so that you can get the best results. You should not wash off the moisturizer because your skin has to absorb it for it to work. You can get the results you are looking for after using the product for about 3 days.

It is wise to test several products on your skin before making the decision to buy them. You can smear them on a particular area of your body like the inside of your wrists on order to find out which product will offer you a natural looking tan and match your skin tone. You can also speak with a dermatologist because this professional can assist you to select the right sunless tan moisturizer for your skin type. This can help you a lot if you have never used tanning products in the past.

In order to ensure that your skin will remain smooth and soft, you should look for a sunless tan moisturizer that is able to sufficiently moisturize your skin. You can use such a product daily or even choose to substitute your normal hand and body lotion for the sunless tan moisturizer. With this product, you can gradually tan your skin while nourishing it.

Another thing that you should consider when buying a sunless tan moisturizer is its SPF content. Ideally, you should select a product with a 15 to 30 SPF. This product will offer you added protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Such a sunless tan moisturizer is especially ideal for people who spend many hours outdoors.

As you shop, be on the lookout for cheap moisturizers that may not work effectively. If you select the right sunless tan moisturizer, you will avoid wasting money. You will also be able to get the best tan without exposing your skin to the sun. Do all it takes to get the product that meets your needs best.

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