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The Unique Services From Sun Lab

Sun Lab produces sunless tanning creams, lotions and foams that can be used by persons with any skin type. The products are mainly aimed at woman who want to look good without the need to sit for hours in the sun. The business is very successful, and considered as a leader in its field of expertise.

Gisela Hunter is the mastermind behind this amazing company. She first named it Giesee, after her own name. Her knowledge regarding problems with conventional suntanning methods led her think of products that could help others.

She discovered that most of the women she came across had problems with sunburn after being out in the sun for a lengthy period of time. After identifying this need, she turned it into an opportunity. She sat down with professional who was like minded, and began the formulation of sunless tanning products that would eventually be products of Sun Lab.

The products of Sun Lab that were created all had to do with the concept of tanning without the sun. They offered various results as well. The products were introduced individually, or as part of a set.

The Sunless Tanning Spray from Sun Lab is a popular choice. It's convenient because it simply sprays onto the body. It is also very quick to absorb, and therefore you need not stand for hours waiting for it to dry.

The sunless Dark Roll n Tan is a new product on the market from Sun Lab. It is a lotion that is applied by just rolling it over the body through the use of the special rolling applicator. It does not require you to rub it in as it dries within minutes.

This product comes with an extension as well, and because it is rolled on, it is easy to use on body parts that are usually out of reach. The tan produced by the product remains for at least five days. It is also of a lovely golden color.

The Sun Lab Sunless Very Dark self-tanning product is ideal for persons with a naturally darker skin tone. It produces a very dark effect that is perceived as golden, or dark brown. Dark Sunsation is its other name, which is quite fitting.

For a whole week, you can get a beautiful tan from the Self Tanning Ultra Dark lotion from Sun Lab. It is available for purchase online, and has a pump so that it is easy to use. The product is also well-known as Tan Overnight, and is every bit as convenient as its name suggests.

Self Tanning Very Dark Foam from Sun Lab is a product with the same specifications as the Self Tanning Very Dark lotion. However, this product is in the form of foam. It achieves the same results of a golden brown tan that lasts for up to ten days.

Another product from Sun Lab is Self Tanning Dark Foam. Try this one for a medium to dark tan for up to a week. It is also simple to apply.

Products from Sun Lab are in huge demand, simply because they work extremely well. Potential customers can read reviews from other people and will not doubt their effectiveness. It is recommended to keep an eye on the website of the company for the release of any new products.

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