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Useful Ideas On Lice Treatment San Francisco Residents Can Use

Lice is a common problem among most people especially children. Mothers are always concerned about their young girls and boys infested with such pests in their heads. This is quite an issue since the bugs can be contagious and one can get them by contact with an infected person. Of great relieve is that this problem can be treated. Below are some ideas on lice treatment San Francisco dwellers ought to know.

Many people with the problem do not want to admit their situation. This is because of the social stigma associated with lice infestation. Their fear of social stigma poses a great challenge to treatment and can result to widespread infestation. Effective elimination of infestation requires treating those around the affected. They may have some bugs or eggs in their clothes and hair that will definitely manifest later.

There are various ways of getting these parasites. In most cases, close contact with an infested person is the main source. Some bacterial infections and poor hygiene can also provide proper breeding grounds for bugs.

It is very easy to identify such a situation since most of the signs are visible. For once, you will experience continuous itching and if this is on your child, they will keep scratching the head. Check properly for physical signs like white dots around the hair follicles and swollen lumps on the scalp due to bites or scratching. The nits and their eggs may also be seen clinging on the scalp or hairs.

One way to eliminate nits from hair is by combing it thoroughly with a fine-toothed metal comb. This process removes live nits, eggs and any casings remaining in the head after hatching. However, the process works only for light infestations. Severe cases may require specialized training and tools. Of importance is to consult with a trained medical practitioner when challenged with bug removal.

Unfortunately, the nits are quite resistant to most pesticides in the market today. Most people have failed with various over-the-counter prescriptions too. Parents overwhelmed with the challenge result to seeking help of professional lice busters. This has increasingly led to the growth of such businesses. Their service is better than picking the bugs on your own especially if one is heavily infested.

A good specialist will not just remove the bugs, but also organizes for follow-up services to make sure the problem is solved completely. During the process, any other person close to the infested should also be checked and treated. It would be ineffective to give a one-time service only to the infested person. Any eggs not destroyed during the process continue to hatch and can create even a greater menace than the former. Insist on a follow-up service to make sure that all the nits and their eggs are eliminated.

Other substances available at home that could be used for this purpose include coconut oil, vinegar and tea tree oil. Coconut oil is a good remedy as it also strengthens the scalp and makes it healthier preventing nits. Vinegar kills bugs effectively without hurting the hair or scalp. With the said ideas on head lice treatment San Francisco residents no longer have to tolerate these shameful parasites in their homes. End the social stigma by eliminating such nits from your head and hairs of your children using the said methods.

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