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Choose Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation

The old image of orange tinted and often patchy self tans are a thing of the past. Products like Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation have made great strides in creating natural looking tans without needing to spend any time in the sun. On today's market, there is tanning product suited for everyone. With a variety of different shades and UV protections available, any consumer can be completely satisfied with sunless tanning.

The very basis of how every self tanning product works lies in one component of the specific formula. It is an ingredient known as dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. This ingredient is derived from sugar and reacts with amino acids in the skin to create a darker looking tone. Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation also contains DHA, which is what causes it to give a deep and dark tan without the sun.

For a safe tanning alternative, Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation is a good choice. The DHA contained in this product, as well as all others on the market, is FDA approved for safety. Unlike the actual sun, self tanners do not break down the skin's DNA, which makes them much safer to use. There is the chance that an allergic reaction can occur when using any type of product like those, however. Any ingredient in the formula has the potential to cause a skin reaction. This is more common in people with skin sensitivity issues. The best practice is to always test on a small area of the skin whenever trying sunless tanner for the first time.

Providing the skin with sun protection is still an important step when using self tanning products. This is why most tanners on the market also contain added SPF in their formula. Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation in no exception. An adequate SPF is one of the most important things to look for when shopping for sunless tanning products as it is the basis of skin protection.

In instances where the self tanner being used happens to not contain any SPF protection, a separate sunblock solution should be applied to the skin whenever it will be exposed to the sun. A large portion of sunless tanning users even elect to add sunblock even when using products that contain protection, like Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation. An added layer of protection never hurts.

Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation is ranked as one of the best products within the tanning product market. It's ease of use is phenomenal. Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation is applied right before bed at night and works to darken the skin while the user sleeps. By morning, a flawless looking tan has been achieved.

It is recommended, however, that the user apply Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation with gloves on, as it tends to work so well that the hands can get an unnatural looking color during the application process. Using gloves eliminates the mess of trying to remove really dark stains on the hands.

The Sun Labs company has been developing quality self tanners like Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation for many years. They are ranked among the leaders in the industry. Their products offer superior quality and safe alternatives to sunbathing. A first time user would make the right choice by choosing a product like this.

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