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Spineone Reviews

Former SpineOne patient, Julie, was in a serious accident at a sports arena in Denver, CO and fell, quite seriously hurting her spine. Julie decided to contact a chiropractic practitioner and after a number of chiropractic sessions, was not satisfied at all - she had many moments of debilitating pain and was going through a severe depression because she could no longer do the things that were once so easy - lifting her grandchild baby, walking up stairs, you name it...

Julia, through the recommendation of a fellow employee, decided to try something different and contacted SpineOne. At SpineOne she was diagnosed with two bulging discs, was provided a comprehensive treatment plan, and got started on the road to recovery!

Julie underwent minimally-invasive surgery at SpineOne, receiving a couple of carefully targeted spinal injections. These types of spinal procedures helped to speed up the recovery process and allowed Julie to get through the day without having any major pain crippling her. Simply put, Julie was thrilled that she no longer had the debilitating pain that occurred so often before - she could pick up her new grandchild again!

As part of her treatment plan, Julia started physical therapy at SpineOne Rehab. The Physical Therapists at SpineOne work primarily with people who have had some type of accident or degeneration of the spine, and the sessions with Julia were very productive and, as it turns out, effective.

As Julie exclaims within the SpineOne Customer Review , today Julie is pain-free. And she is absolutely correct when she says that targeted spinal injections along with working with good physical therapists absolutely works!

We appreciate your feedback Julia!

SpineOne is always very appreciative of the comments and feedback they receive from patients - current and previous. Since 200, SpineOne has helped 1,000s of people live lives of energy, activity and vibrancy - all without pain! Many of our awesome patients take the time to submit an online review, or send to us a customer testimonial, and SpineOne is incredibly thankful for that. If you, or somebody you love, has been a patient at SpineOne and has also had the results that Julie has, please get in touch with us directly and we can discuss whether a customer testimonial video or an internet SpineOne review works for you.

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