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Fast Airbrush Tanning For Career Women

There are many excellent benefits to getting a sun free tan. Dermatologist all over the country are very happy to see that people are heeding their warnings of avoiding the harmful UV rays and looking for a safer alternative. Everyone wants to look good, especially if they have a big event to attend such as a wedding, graduation or other party. The new fake tan products do an outstanding job and are also very affordable.

The good news is that sun less tanning techniques are now available that produce a true back from the beach look. Many world famous movie stars are pioneering the look and showing that it really is sexy and beautiful. Luckily the same airbrush tanning is available for women at their local salon or spa. It has so many advantages, including being fast, affordable and environmentally friendly.

The technology behind the air brush system is very simple. A small compressor generates the air stream, which is fed through a tube. A nozzle at the end of the tube controls the flow of liquid. The technician knows how to apply a thin but uniform coating of the solution to the body of the client. It only takes about fifteen minutes to apply a full body application. The tanning process begins right away and will continue for the next six hours.

The solution contains natural enzymes that mix with the outer layer of skin. As they are absorbed the enzymes react with the chemicals in the skin and cause it to darken. Only the outer cells are affected and as they are replaced every seven to ten days the tan only lasts that long. This means that the deeper skin cells are never affected and the entire process is very safe. The solutions are not tested on animals and are even biodegradable.

As the tan will only last about seven to ten days it is not the end of the world if the color does come out darker than anticipated. The process is very temporary and this has many advantages. People can get a perfect tan for a special event such as a big party or school reunion without having to spend hours in the sun. They known exactly what they are getting and will be confident about how great they look.

The tanning solution is completely biodegradable and has the advantage of not being tested on animals. Even the American Cancer Society has endorsed the products as they work well without any actual exposure to the sun. The solution drys fast and also contains a Bronzer that adds lustre and glow to the skin.

Many women report that they get lots of complements on their new tan and they do not have to risk any painful or dangerous burning. The coverage is uniform and there are no darker or lighter spots. Once they are familiar with the process some women even purchase their own air brush kits to use at home.

The products used are available in either a cream, lotion or gel. It is important to look for the right level of color. Some products are specially formulated to produce a deeper tan. Those looking for just a light natural looking tan should discuss this with the technician before getting started.

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