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All About Scents Of The Spirit

Ego Eimi is a brand that has always been inspired by how God has worked positive things in life and how He has always provided for people in general. This is a brand of perfume and has developed a perfume line that is inspired by this concept of always having the Holy Spirit inside. This product line is known as Scents of the Spirit.

Now the inspiration behind this product line would be none other than the compassion and mercy of God when it comes to taking care of His creations. The scents are made in such a way that it would represent certain concepts that God possesses when it comes to taking care of humankind. This is a type of collection that both Christians and non Christians would enjoy.

The two perfumes that are found inside this collection would be none other than the Hopeful scent and the Renewed Scent which was made specially be Ego Eimi. These are the only two perfumes that can be found in this collection and both have gotten very popular. What makes this collection even more unique is that it contains a Bible verse at the side of the box of the perfume.

Now the Hopeful scent is a sweet scent that is supposed to represent the promises that God would make in order to make the buyer have a positive outlook on life. Its scent is not very strong like most perfumes but it has a very strong lasting power. The smell is very soft and subtle and can really grab the attention of a person.

Now the message that is written on the box is a verse from the book of Psalms in chapter thirty seven. Just like the name implies, the verse would talk about hope and joy when finding time to be with God. The verse emphasizes that in order to be joyous, one must always be in the presence of God so that he will be at peace.

The second scent in the collection is none other than the Renewed scent. This was made to be a little bit stronger than Hopeful because it represents empowerment. Whenever a person is weary from the battle that life would throw at him, all he has to do is smell this scent and he will be recharged right away.

The verse written in the box can be found in the book of Isaiah. This verse is found in chapter forty in verse thirty and talks about the empowerment and rejuvenation of the soul. By praying to God, one will be able to recharge his strength no matter how weary or how tired he actually is.

So basically, those are the interesting scents that would come from the unique collection of Ego Eimi. These perfumes are designed not only to smell really nice, but they are also designed try to inspire the insides of people. By having a message behind the scent, one will definitely be able to feel better after getting a whiff.

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