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The Advantages Of The CMS Pulse Oximeters

For the body to work well, it must have enough oxygen transported in the blood. Doctors need to know the amount of oxygen in the body. The CMS pulse Oximeters are the equipment used at the hospital to measure oxygen concentration in the blood. This is compared to the average amount in the body that translates to 95 to 98 percent in a healthy individual free from pulmonary and other diseases. When used, it is attached to any narrow part of the body or your finger.

This equipment is used because it does not intrude on the way the body works. When compared to withdrawing blood from the body to do tastes on the amount of O2 and hemoglobin, it is better. If a person is to be tested after a few hours, the method of drawing blood becomes inconvenient. Taking blood from a patient within short intervals is not recommended.

The oximeter may be attached to the multi-parameter patient monitor with a large screen and can be seen from afar. One end of the oximeter is attached to the patient's finger while the other takes the readings to the huge monitor where it is displayed. Patients who are in intensive care need to have these instruments attached to their bodies at all ties to sense when they are having breathing problems.

Though an oximeter is able to measure the amount of oxygen in the human blood, it cannot be used to determine whether the patient is using up this oxygen. In order to to use this this device for this purpose, it has to be connected to other laboratory instrument to indicate this. Patients undergoing surgery are normally monitored using this kind of system as they have very unstable oxygen supply, and using this device will ensure that they are getting enough supply.

If you are suffering from other conditions like sleep apnea, hypopnea and COPD, they benefit when doctors use the oximeters to monitor their bodies. These people can suffer from hypo and hyperventilating which cannot be easy to detect in ICU. These technological inventions must be used in emergency medical checkups that could take longer to detect. However, with this machine, you know the results after a few seconds.

The Pilots who fly at great heights that are above 10000 ft which needs them to have supplemental oxygen, will need these facility. It will help them check their oxygen levels. If they are not getting enough air, they will take other emergency measures. This will be a great way of saving their lives and that of their clients who are on the plane.

The device fits a very wide range of sizes of peoples fingers, be it kids or grown-ups. It is important to know that it has been approved by the Health Canada and FDA, to be used in all medical emergencies. The seven section bar graph provides a perfect protection against the ambient light because you will see the readings clearly.

The CMS pulse Oximeter comes with lightweight digital display that use LED light. This is comfortable for patients to wear. It uses little power and indicates when power shuts. This helps one to continue using it until it shuts off.

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