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Great Information About Sun-Laboratories Sunless Tanning Products

Sun laboratories was established in 1983 as manufacturers of sunless tanning products. It is a family owned business and was originally named Giesee. Sun laboratories is located in Chatsworth, CA and all their products are manufactured and distributed from this location. Some of the products they produce are Air Brush Tanning, Tanning Lotions, Face Tanning Lotions and Bath and Body products.

Getting that beautiful tan may make an individual not only look good, but can also do wonders for one self esteem. Being able to achieve this feat without having to expose oneself to naked sunlight is an option that may be provided by Sun-laboratories. The body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. However, medical research has revealed that overexposure to ultra violet rays that is emitted by the sun may create unwanted health issues.

An individual that is strapped for time, but want to experience the joy of a beautiful tanned body may choose Sun-laboratories Handy Tan Air Brush system. This system allows individuals the opportunity to achieve an instant tan and it is also easily applied. Exfoliation is done as part of the preparation process before the tanning session takes place. The removal of dead skin cells enhances the longevity of one's tan. The Exfoliating Body Gel, the Handy Tan Air Brush Sprayer and the Dark Sunless Tanning Lotion are components of Sun-laboratories Handy Tan Air Brush System.

Tyrosine, walnut oil and tyrosilane C form part of the ingredients that constitute Sun-laboratories Fire Maximiser Lotion. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and vegetable oil are other ingredients.Dark Tan Maximiser and Tanning Bronzers are combined to create this product that has the ability to give an instant tan.

The maximum usage of walnut oil, ultrasone, tyrosine and tyrosilane C is applied to Sun-laboratories Fire Maximising Gel. Individuals who already have a tan and wish for it to be darken may use this product. Dark Tan Maximiser and Self Tanning Bronzers are used to formulate the Fire Maximising Gel. With its advance tanning agents the tan increases in its intensity and is longer lasting. This product is said to be safe for use in Tanning Booths.

An individual's face is said to benefit immensely from the Strictly Face Medium Tanning Cream. The appearance of youth and the smoothness of one's skin are among of these benefits. These qualities may be as a result of its hydrating capabilities. Natural ingredients are the hallmark of this Sunlaboratories creation.

Soothing and Sensual Cleansing Gel is an all natural ingredient product created and manufactured by Sun-laboratories. This gel also contains plant base materials that may assist in removing impurities from the skin such as oils, dirt and make up. It is considered to posses rehydration qualities for the skin and may assist in prolonging the effectiveness of one's tan. This product is said to be extremely effective when used before Giesee Sun Lab Self Tanner.

Immense personal satisfaction may be experienced from the knowledge that the desired result from sunless tanning is achieved. One's self confidence and outlook will be improved enormously from this. It is therefore advisable that an individual should seek advice from professionals in the field. When the decision to do sunless tanning is made Sun-laboratories products may be considered.

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