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Top Of The Line Pikeur Riding Apparel

Riders all over the world are constantly looking for high quality riding apparel. The Pikeur company from Germany has been a market leader for many years. They have been in business for over sixty years and have had plenty of time to really develop their products to meet the needs of even the highest level riders.

The company is from Germany and has a long and successful tradition in the riding apparel business. They initially came to the notice of riders because of their beautifully designed dressage coats. Dressage is the most elegant of horse sports and requires many hours of training. Horse and rider work as a team and really have to have outstanding communications. Marks are also awarded for turn out and in a close competition only a few points may separate the winners from the losers. Every rider tries to get the advantage and having the very best clothes is all part of the picture.

The Shadbelly dressage coat is an essential item for high level dressage competitions. It is a very distinctive coat, that helps to complete the look of elegance the sport is famous for. A dressage coat must be of the very highest quality and carefully crafted to meet the exact needs of the rider.

Shadbelly coats are available for both men and women. They are beautifully crafted from a combination of materials. Most of the coats today are over half polyester, blended with pure wool and a small percentage of elastane. This helps to give the coat just enough give to make the rider comfortable yet still maintain its classic look. The weighted tails help to keep them in place and not distract either horse or rider.

Most of the products are still made in Germany by highly skilled craftspeople. Yet buyers in the United States and all over the world are still able to order on line. The ordering process is very easy and a conversion features show the price in the local currency. Sizing in Europe is quite different to North American sizing and can be confusing. Any questions can be directed to the highly efficient customer service department who are only too happy to help.

The ABS outer shell is coated with rubber for a slick look and the overall shape is very aerodynamic. Very important is that the neck padding is anatomically formed for maximum protection. The adjustable chin strap helps to keep the helmet secure, especially important in the event of a fall. The four point strap is one of the safest on the market, but also looks stylish.

Show jackets are another staple of the company. Many people love the value for money Epsom jacket. It sports two rear vents that make it comfortable, plus two front pockets. It is also washable which really adds to its practicality. Horse shows go on whatever the weather and riders can end up very muddy. There is also an optional velvet collar feature available on the black jacket.

Helmets are one of the most important pieces of equipment. They should fit well and be comfortable. The company has realized that by providing both safety and style they have appealed to riders of all ages. Their helmets are loaded with extra features such as a four point harness and effective ventilation system.

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