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In Las Vegas Botox Clinics Report Significant Increases In Profitability

Many millions of dollars are spent each year by people that want to improve their looks. It has become trendy to look younger, to live healthier and to be fit. In fact, the health and cosmetic industry has shown tremendous growth and can now be considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world. For example, in Las Vegas botox treatments have become as common as applying cosmetics.

Consumers should note that the drug can be extremely dangerous. If used incorrectly or in an irresponsible manner, it can even cause death. Furthermore, it is a close cousin of Botulin A, a toxin that causes food poisoning and that is often fatal. However, botox has been known for a long time and it has been subjected to many scientific and medical studies.

Long before the drug became famous as a cosmetic treatment, it has been used routinely and successfully to treat many medical conditions. Medical practitioners use it to treat migraines, weak bladders, incessant twitching, and conditions that affect the muscles of the neck and shoulders. It is also used to control extreme under arm sweating. It seems as if the medical uses of the drug have been known for a long time.

Practitioners inject the drug into carefully muscles and even nerves. As soon as the drug takes effect, those muscles are paralyzed. Of course, if they are paralyzed then they cannot move and if they cannot move they cannot wrinkle or cause discomfort. It is as simple as that. The effects of a treatment last anything up to a year. After that, the treatment must be administered again.

Despite the warnings from critics that the drug is dangerous, numerous studies have shown it to be safe if it is handled in the correct manner and if the practitioner is experienced and qualified. Some of the common side effects include bruising and flu symptoms, but these disappear within a few days. In extreme cases patients may struggle to breathe normally.

Today, the drug is best known for its cosmetic application. There is no doubt that it actually works in preventing wrinkles and even removing existing wrinkles. This is achieved by paralyzing the relevant muscles. Treatment with this drug is not invasive and it is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with the cost of cosmetic surgery. It also does not require long periods of recuperation.

While the drug is famous for its cosmetic uses, one should remember that numerous people also rely on the drug to relieve debilitating medical conditions. If people want to use it for cosmetic purpose, they should be able to make up their own minds. People have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. After all, the drug is legal and freely available.

Men are also joining the queues at clinics and salons offering treatment. Many men feel threatened by the younger generation and they will do almost anything to retain youthful looks. The market for cosmetics and grooming products aimed at men has seen tremendous growth and many men spend just as much on these products as the average women does.

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