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Fort Worth Laser Hair Removal Facts And Information

The medical procedure in which lasers are used for removing hairs from unwanted areas of the body is known as laser hair removal. Lasers are intense and pulsating light beams. Treatment is done by passing the light beams through the skin to follicles of hair. Lasers produce intense heat that damages follicles of hairs and inhibits hair growth in the process. For the residents of Fort Worth laser hair removal should be done when one has adequate information about the procedure.

The reason for the removal is to get rid of hairs that are unwanted. Some of the locations that are treated include upper lips, chin, bikini area, legs and armpits. Actually, it is very possible to remove hairs from any part of the body other than eyelids and areas around it. The color of the hair and type of skin are factors that influence success of the procedure.

For instance, this procedure brings best results for light-skinned people who have dark hairs. This is because the lasers target melanin. This is the pigment that is responsible for color of the hair. However, with advances in technology, it has become possible to treat people with hair that is lighter. Persons with gray, blond or red hairs will not benefit as much from the procedure. Treatment options people who have lighter hairs are still under investigations.

One shortcoming of the use of lasers is the fact that it offers no guarantee of permanent removal of hairs. There are hairs that are resistant to laser treatment while others will grow again. New growths are finer and lighter. The side effects that are likely to be experienced are changes in pigment and irritation of the skin. Irritation of the skin leads to swelling, redness and temporary discomfort on a temporary basis.

Pigment changes will make affected sections of the skin to get darker or lighter. This also occurs on a temporary basis. Skin lightening is only experienced in persons with dark skins. It comes as result of using incorrect laser setting. There are other side effects that are rarely experienced, notably scarring, crusting, blistering and change in skin texture. The area around the eyelids is never treated using lasers because it is prone to severe injury.

There should be choice of the best professionals for the procedure. Doctors chosen should be certified and licensed in dermatology or cosmetic surgery. They should have necessary experience. There is the option of going for treatment from spas and salons, but this would need extra caution.

Prior to the procedure, the doctor needs to be consulted. He or she will review the medical history of the patient as well as their previous use of various medications. Possible risks and complications of laser removal will be discussed as well. This is also the time to be told what to expect and required preparations.

There may be some redness and swelling after treatment. Ice is applied to the affected areas for relief. In case of sin reaction, steroid creams are used to control the same. Exposure to the sun by patients should be limited after treatment.

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