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Attaining A Golden Brown Complexion Indoors By Using Sun Laboratories Dark Tanning Lotion

You can choose from among a variety of ways to darken your complexion without being exposed to UV rays. One of them is by using Sun laboratories dark indoor tanning lotion. Applying it enables you to instantly sport an artificial suntan that looks like the real thing. Because you don't have to sunbathe and the active ingredient is plant-based, there is no risk involved.

Being exposed to UV radiation excessively is a terrible thing as it can significantly increase an individual's chances of having skin cancer. It's a disease that can be deadly most especially if it's not identified and dealt with during the early stages. Further, UV radiation emitted by the sun is the main reason behind premature aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

It's due to all of these horrifying reasons why a suntan fanatic should ditch sitting under the roasting sun just to look and feel terrific. The fact is sunbathing can actually put both the appearance and health in grave danger. Currently, there are many ways to get a tan indoors. One of the most popular ones is the simple use of the self tanning lotion from Sun Laboratories.

You can choose from among the three different shades available. A lot of fake suntan fanatics opt for the dark variant because it creates a color that's not too intense or light. Using the product allows you to enjoy a skin tone that looks like you just spent the right amount of time under the sun. Many go for it due to the ease of application and impressive results.

Definitely, it's important for this lotion to be applied smoothly in order to prevent the formation of streaks. It will also help a lot if the user carries out a few tasks before the application to obtain a fake suntan that is similar to the actual thing. These pre-tanning chores include hitting the shower, exfoliating to get rid of too much dead skin cells and shaving.

The product's active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), is derived from sugar cane and is capable of darkening the skin's topmost layer. It takes this substance about 3 hours to produce the initial complexion change. If the person feels that the result is not that dramatic, he or she should fret not as the color can be expected to intensify in the next 24 to 72 hours.

Although the effect of DHA takes some time to show up, you can still enjoy an instantaneous change in skin tone as the lotion is tinted. Because its main goal is to satisfy you while the active ingredient is replicating an actual suntan, the color is only temporary. You can expect for the impressive effect of DHA to stay around for 5 to 7 days, fading gradually.

Someone who wants to be spotted with a realistic and lasting fake suntan may purchase the UV-free tanning set available from Sun Laboratories. It comes with an exfoliating gel to be used all over while in the shower, done prior to the lotion's application. The set also includes the daily moisturizer that helps in making the golden brown shade produced last longer.

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