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A Trustworthy Richardson Compounding Pharmacist Provides Wellness Pharmacy Solutions

The role of a Richardson compounding pharmacist is to mix different medications to the specifications of a patient's doctor or other health care practitioner. There are many reasons why such combinations are needed. For example, a person may have trouble swallowing, and therefore need a liquid version of his or her medication.

Compounding techniques were once widely used, but in today's modern world, most medications are mass-produced in a central location. Therefore, when an individual needs a compounded formula, he or she must obtain it from a pharmacist who is experienced with such techniques.

Even though the US Food and Drug Administration does not regulate such pharmacies, they do regulate the drugs such establishments dispense. Additionally, the State Pharmacy Board individually regulates pharmacies to ensure appropriate mixing standards are being consistently followed. All professionals involved should have a thorough understanding of how the drugs will be used prior to dispensing the formula.

It is also important for the pharmacist to evaluate the amount of active ingredients in the mixture, as well as its concentration when compared with commercially available products. If the drugs being mixed at a pharmacy of this type are to exceed the concentration of their standard counterparts, proof of the safety of the compounded medication should be provided.

Those in charge of formulating such combinations should prepare the blend exactly as prescribed by the doctor. If the pharmacist suspects an error, he or she must contact the prescribing professional prior to dispensing the formula. If the individual fails to do so, or if the prescribing physician has made a mistake, both may be held accountable.

When choosing such a pharmacy, a person may wish to ask about the establishment's track record with the State Pharmacy Board, its testing standards, and its quality control practices. This is the best way for the consumer to ensure that his or her medications have been safely processed by an experienced Richardson compounding pharmacist. Individuals with questions should speak to a medical doctor about their medications.

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